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Data that caused leaders to recant their statements

This document is available in pdf at: and in Italian at :

It was a success my distribution outside CERN of approximately one thousand copies of articles that I had published requesting transparency in science and reproducible results.  I have been requesting these for years and these requests were also made in an article published by Scientific American in October 2018 (, and translated into Italian, published by “Le Scienze” in December 2018. Continue reading

This letter is available at:

Request for a confirmation if I can freely display in public (before CERN entrance and eventually downtown Geneva) a poster hand-carried and distributing about one thousand newspaper articles demanding scientific answers and Transparency in Science, or if it is required a permit.

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See full article published by Focus Daily News on 15 December 2018

With all my resources and strength I am working for Transparency in Science, fighting corruption in the scientific world that is damaging you by preventing to save millions of lives through an effective early cancer detection and fighting the waste of taxpayer money, however, I cannot be alone. I need your help. Continue reading

Good news for taxpayers, cancer patients and science!

The following is an account of what occurred at the 2017 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference, in Atlanta, Georgia, after I distributed 1,200 copies of the 4-page article published by Focus Daily News on Sunday, October 22, 2017 available in pdf at: and in HTML at The General Chairman of the 2017 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference, Dr. John Aarsvold, after reading the seventeen-year history of adversities and difficulties I have had to receive scientific answers to my articles and proposals submitted to anonymous reviewers to be presented at IEEE conferences, and to publish and fund my inventions, agreed on the need for an exceptional, major public scientific review of my revolutionary breakthrough inventions that would go beyond the regular anonymous review process of an article or funding of a proposal.  He agreed it should be a similar format to the major, public, scientific review of my previous invention that was requested by the Director of the Superconducting Super Collider (also Director of Fermilab), and held on December 1993 at FERMIlab and recognized as valuable. Continue reading

This article is available in pdf at:

NT Giving Day is THIS Thursday, September 14, you can schedule your #NTXGivingDay donation to Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths already today. Go to or directly to Crosetto Foundation to support its mission to reduce by over 50% cancer deaths through an effective early cancer detection. Continue reading

This document is available in pdf at Google Drive:

Dear Ides Debruyne, Managing Director … Perhaps you are not aware that I have been working for over 18 years without a salary, for over 14 hours per day, including most of the weekends for your benefit, the benefit of your grandchildren, and for future generations in reducing cancer deaths by over 50% with my breakthrough technology for an effective early cancer detection, and that it damages you and more importantly all other people who rely on your responsibility if you are not reporting to journalists that you know and to the public my answers to those opposing my money- and life-saving inventions. Continue reading

This document is available in pdf at:

I have invented a revolutionary electronic technology-independent architecture/instrument proven feasible by 59 quotes from reputable industries to build, using 2015 technology, a 3D-Flow OPRA (Object Pattern real-time Recognition Algorithms) system with 8,192 channels, in a 36 cm (15 inch) cube of electronics capable of sustaining an input data rate of over 1.3TB/sec, and execute with zero dead-time on the input data, complex programmable real-time Object Pattern Recognition Algorithms (OPRA) at a production cost of approximately $100,000. In the same 36 cm cube of electronics, it is feasible to build a 3D-Flow OPRA system with 20,000 channels capable of sustaining an input data rate of over 20TB/sec. Larger systems can be built by linking several similar cubes of electronics. Continue reading

This document in English is available in pdf at:

This document in Italian is available in pdf at: 

The entire list of documents is at:

Response to statements made by Dr. Nadia Pastrone, President of the Italian National Scientific Committee 1 (CSN1) and responsible for the Italian physicists who worked at the CERN, regarding my 3D-Flow OPRA and a request to follow scientific procedures complying with rules respecting science, colleagues and serving taxpayers. Continue reading

This document is available in PDF at Google Drive

Dear Dr. Cherry Murray, Benjamin Peirce Professor of Technology and Public Policy at Harvard SEAS, former Director of the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

                  I respectfully request you address the proof that my invention, proven feasible by 59 quotes from reputable industries, can replace 4,000 CMS electronic data processing boards ( funded by DOE with my 9 electronic data processing boards ( while providing an enormous performance improvement at one thousandth the cost. Continue reading

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