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The following is an account of what occurred at the 2017 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference, in Atlanta, Georgia, after I distributed 1,200 copies of the 4-page article published by Focus Daily News on Sunday, October 22, 2017 available in pdf at: and in HTML at The General Chairman of the 2017 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference, Dr. John Aarsvold, after reading the seventeen-year history of adversities and difficulties I have had to receive scientific answers to my articles and proposals submitted to anonymous reviewers to be presented at IEEE conferences, and to publish and fund my inventions, agreed on the need for an exceptional, major public scientific review of my revolutionary breakthrough inventions that would go beyond the regular anonymous review process of an article or funding of a proposal.  He agreed it should be a similar format to the major, public, scientific review of my previous invention that was requested by the Director of the Superconducting Super Collider (also Director of Fermilab), and held on December 1993 at FERMIlab and recognized as valuable. Continue reading

This document is available in pdf at:

BY JOSHUA C. JOHNSON. Focus Daily News

October 22, 2017 – Some would argue that DeSoto scientist Dario Crosetto is the Ignaz Semmelweis of our time. Many of us born after the 19th Century don’t know who Semmelweis is, although we owe our lives to his unconventional efforts.
In 1845, the German-Hungarian physician was among the first to pioneer the extensive use of antiseptic procedures before childbirth. Later noted as the “savior of mothers”, the measure curbed the mortality of deaths during delivery by 30 percent. But before millions of lives were saved, Semmelweis was ostracized, arrested and finally committed to a mental institution for standing up for his beliefs.

Taking A Stand Today
Fast forward 172 years into the future and Scientist Dario Crosetto, 65, is making a stand on another medical marvel that could save millions more lives. After years of research, Crosetto has developed a medical imaging device that is hundreds of times more efficient at identifying cancerous cells than anything currently on the market. Continue reading

This document is available at Google Drive Previous letter to DOE & Harvard SEAS University

Dear Dr. Joel Butler, Spokesman of CMS Collaboration at CERN, Dear Dr. Andrew Lankford, Deputy Spokesman of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN, Dear Dr. Nadia Pastrone, President of the INFN CSN1, representing the CMS Italian Collaboration at CERN,

I respectfully request you address the proof that my invention, proven feasible by 59 quotes from reputable industries, can replace 4,000 CMS electronic data processing boards ( with my 9 electronic data processing boards ( while providing an enormous performance improvement at one thousandth the cost. Continue reading

Inconsistencies in science prevent us from reducing over 50% the mortality of the most deadly and costly calamity in the world, cancer and reduce healthcare costs and from saving hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars from the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet at CERN and from building powerful tools to advance science. Continue reading

 See attachment in PDF version at:

Dear Dr. Michael Corbat, CEO of Citigroup, Dear Dr. James Forese, President of Citigroup, Dear members of the Board of Directors and the Executive board of Citigroup, Dear all, 

I respectfully request Citigroup and anyone who publicly declare a mission of enabling growth and progress not to suppress the information on innovations beneficial to humanity using the improper accusation of “Harassment”, but support my inventions and address inconsistencies in science, implemented by influential scientists handling taxpayers and donation money, by firstly asking particle physics experts Andrew Lankford, Joel Butler and Nadia Pastrone, appointed by CERN Director General on February 2, 2017 to organize a scientific discussion/review of my 3D-Flow OPRA invention at CERN similar to the one organized for my previous 3D-Flow invention at Fermilab in 1993. Continue reading

See the PDF version at:

Following is provided the material for other newspapers and investigative journalists to help them to inform the public and open an investigation about hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars and millions of lives needlessly lost and how we continue to lose them because the scientific community denies a public forum to Crosetto as they denied to Semmelweis to answer non-scientific objections of their opponents. (The titles in the pages below are from J.C. Johnson). Continue reading

Your help is needed in forwarding this message and asking to address publicly these issues to Dr. Cherry Murray (, U.S. DOE Director of the Office of Science, Dr. Francis Collins ( Director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Douglas Lowy ( Director of the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other people among the recipient of this email who freely accepted positions of responsibility and promised to work to make a better world. Continue reading

Dear President Obama,

Add your name to tell scientists handling taxpayer money to do their job.  

Tell them to distribute funds for cancer research by implementing public, transparent procedures based on calculations, analytical and scientific evidence, objective, data-driven analysis and not distributing taxpayer money to a circle of friends behind closed door. Continue reading

Figure_Solution_4Dear President Obama and Cancer Moonshot Task Force,

On behalf of the 7000 people who signed a petition, the 1600 Americans dying every day from cancer (one every 4 seconds in the world), I respectfully request you call for a public ANALYTICAL and SCIENTIFIC discussion of my 413-page invention to solve the cancer dilemma through an effective early detection between myself, the DOE and NIH-NCI experts responsible for spending taxpayer money to advance science, significantly reduce cancer deaths and healthcare costs. Continue reading

Analogy_Students_San_AntonioHere you will find an explanation of the concept of my invention of how to extract all valuable data from radiation arriving at Medical Imaging devices at ultra-high speed by solving the envelope analogy posed to you on April 17, 2016. The invention enables an effective early cancer detection that can reduce cancer death by over 50%.   The layman can easily understand the envelope analogy by watching 70 seconds of video, beginning at minute 7:58 showing an experiment conducted by high school students at a San Antonio, Texas High School Continue reading

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