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  • Is there a misconception about who is responsible to lead the direction of research to benefit humanity?

THE FLAWS: Crosetto had confirmed from leaders of international conferences, Program Managers from Government agencies, leaders at universities and research centers that “Research goals are defined by Industry”. Following are provided some facts and data. Continua a leggere

The Target Date to Reduce Cancer Death and Cost Continues to be Postponed 

In 1937  leaders in the field claimed that if enough money could be provided, cancer would be eradicated.

Every time Decision Makers postpone the target date (after receiving and spending the money they requested), implicitly they admit a failure. Continua a leggere

The world’s most urgent needs

We must agree that the most urgent calamity is the one which is taking more premature lives every year and has the highest cost. We must agree to unite to create the strength necessary to identify the most cost-effective solution to reduce cancer death and cost, and not be silenced by those who do not want to hear the truth about the ineffectiveness of current treatments. Continua a leggere

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Facts show that for more than 68 years it has been widely established as well as published in various scientific journals and popular magazines like National Geographic (See their October 1946 issue) that early cancer detection could save 50% of all cancer deaths. Continua a leggere

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Data in Figure  published42 by National Cancer Institute, gathered by World Health Organization and adapted by American Cancer Society demonstrate that money used to fight cancer is wasted. If the most industrialized countries[1], with their annual cancer cost of $856 per capita, were getting their money’s worth, their cancer death rate would be lower than the less industrialized countries with a much lower cost for cancer per capita. Data reported in Figure  show this not to be true because the most industrialized countries are not located at the bottom of the figure. Continua a leggere

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