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Monthly Archives: June 2017

This document is available in pdf at Google Drive at:  June 30, 2017.  Dr. Corbat, Dr. Forese, members of Citigroup Board of Directors, please cease actions destroying me and the cause to significantly reduce cancer deaths and cost. Investigative journalists, please urgently open an investigation on violations of laws, rules and ethics by decision makers in particle physics, medical imaging and healthcare damaging taxpayers and cancer patients. Continue reading

This document is available in pdf at:

QUESTION FROM CERN & PAVIA’s SCIENTISTS: How can your invention with thousands of parallel-processing 3D-Flow OPRA processors in a cube of 16 cm or 36 cm of electronics compete with the major supercomputer projects such as APE of INFN and others, although none of them claim to be able to save millions of human lives from cancer or be the most powerful tool in the world to discover subatomic particles? Continue reading

This document in English is available in pdf at:

CONCERNED CITIZENS: How can you claim that your 3D-Flow invention can meet the needs of the four major experiments at CERN and PET? Some physicists argue that it is impossible because the problems and the triggering needs of each experiment are very different.

CROSETTO: I’m not the only to claim this, as several scientists, senior experts in the field for over twenty years, have put this in writing (see citations at “” and a few complete letters at ““).

Continue reading

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