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who still loves ideals

who greets with a hug or kiss

who has faith in the young and the future

who gets up early to help a friend

who forms an opinion without prejudice

who does not wait for Christmas to be good

who looks at facts as a basis for discussion

who prefers making friends over profits

who keeps silent if he or she has nothing to say

who likes to sleep but wakes up in a good mood

who  responds with sincerity and assumes responsibilities

who does not behave irresponsibly claiming to exercise freedom

who separates the trash to preserve the environment for future generations

who picks up after the dog when taking it for a walk

who turns off the television to talk with others

who seeks to understand others before answering

who admits that there ALSO exists the scientific culture

who helps to create a better world by observing the rule of law and the laws of  nature (science)

and follows the golden rule: ? do unto others as you would have them do unto you ?;

who proclaims PEACE not only remotely but also locally

who has the enthusiasm of a child and the thoughts of an adult

who understands that his or her freedom ends where respect toward others begins

who demonstrates the right answer with facts and reasoning rather than arrogance

who takes responsibility rather than hides behind the word: ?privacy?

who chooses to be part of cultural groups taking responsibility for the ? refinement of the intellect ?

who understands that over 30 million Google citations : ? cancer breakthroughs ? without results in cancer death reduction is a contradiction

who recognizes the failure of decision-makers who postpone solving the cancer problem after receiving the money requested

who believes those who raise and spend money to fight cancer must provide estimated results of their effort supported by

scientific arguments and a plan to measure their results on a sample population in order to eliminate those contradictions;

who understands that a $1.4 trillion global cancer annual cost without results is a contradiction

(equivalent to spending $45,000 every second for one entire year);

who understands the inconsistency of the 100 fold cost increase for cancer treatment and the annual premature deaths of 6.5 million knowing

for over 60 years 50% could have been saved with early cancer detection as stated by reputable sources and confirmed by experimental data ;

who understands that many of these lives could have been saved with the 3D-CBS invention for early cancer detection which was crushed

by decision-makers in the field. Now, 13 years later, they recognize its benefits as they propose to build a device similar to the 3D-CBS,

but costing 10 times more to be used only for the development of new drugs and not for saving lives through early cancer detection;

who understands we are all responsible for 13 years of needless premature deaths of those who could have been saved with the 3D-CBS early

detection device and continue to be responsible if we do not support (a) constructing the 3D-CBS and (b) the public DIALOGUE on radio,

television, newspapers, etc., between myself and decision-makers to shorten the time required to recognize all benefits of the 3D-CBS;

who understands that the revolution in this field must start from changing the rules that assign grants (billions of dollars every year) for cancer

research. Rules should specify the objective to ?significantly reduce cancer deaths and cost?. Applicants should explain in their requests

for grants how they intend to achieve this specific objective, not only use the generic statement ?cancer research?;

who explains what else I can do besides provide the truth with facts and scientific arguments in 1 page and 32 pages

and donate 80% of the income from my patents to the collectivity;

who collaborates and participates, and has paid attention to the advantages of my 3D-CBS innovative technology which is explained in 5 books

and many articles so they can tell the unaware philanthropists, and taxpayers who have been financing other less efficient projects;

who supports with a contribution   to eliminate inconsistencies

through a civil DIALOGUE so that the scientific truth for the benefit of mankind can prevail and to support the construction of the 3D-CBS ;

who wants a world in which people work together to fight this and every disease

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Dario Crosetto

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