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Express your opinion to shape a better future for you and future generations. Solving the cancer problem should start with the rules used to fund cancer research; they should assign and support projects with the highest potential to reduce cancer deaths, but often, because of the way the rules are written, they just serve to increase the cancer business.

You can read the entire document related to the CPRIT rules to assign grant at the website of CPRIT (; however, to facilitate your work, I am summarizing in a few questions the choices you can make to help this revolution.

  1. Which objective do you think the rules should state?
    1.  The specific objective of “Reducing Cancer Deaths and Cost”
    2. A generic statement “Cancer Research” which over the past 50 years has mainly meant “increasing cancer business” rather than “reducing cancer deaths”
  2. What do you think the rules should ask applicants?
    a. Demonstrate with scientific arguments and estimate how their proposed project, stand alone or combined with other projects, will “Reduce Cancer Deaths and Cost”
    b. Only show the proposed project is related to “Cancer Research” without asking which of the two possible objectives it will achieve: “increasing the cancer business” and/or “reducing cancer deaths and cost”.
    c. Other (specify). If by hypothesis you have only enough funds to support 20 projects from among 1,000, which criteria should the rules use to achieve the highest reduction in cancer deaths and cost?
  3. Should it be the Funding Agency or the Applicant who plays the role of the rabbit (as opposed to the carrot)?
    a. The projects should be the carrot and the funding agency should be the rabbit. Projects should be equally exposed by the media, scientific conferences and journals. Media should play the important role to create public forums among project’s owners who claim highest benefits to humanity in cancer deaths and cost reduction. Funding agencies should be responsible to identify and fund projects with highest potential to reduce cancer deaths and cost. Failing this, either history will prove that funded projects did not provide expected results because of incompetence or corruption, or ignored projects will prove instead to be highly beneficial to humanity. This should be made public so that the Funding Agency’s influential position will not further damage society.
    b. The Funding Agency should be the carrot and the project should be the rabbit. The Funding agency, after receiving donations and taxpayer money, and the mandate from citizens to solve the cancer problem, should assume the role of the carrot, so that everyone should desire to seek it because it have the power to give a gift, “grant”, that is not linked specifically to achieve maximum reduction in cancer deaths and cost.
  4. Who has had in the past and will have in the future the greater ability to make advancements in scientific research that should deserve to be fully (or mostly) funded by money raised from donations and taxpayers?
    a. Universities, research centers and individual scientists, such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Jonas Salk, etc., who have the greater need for resources to fund their projects/inventions. Denying funds to these categories will mean the closure of research centers in laboratories and universities, and deny to mankind the benefits of the inventions of the best and brightest minds.
    b. Pharmaceutical and large companies who ask for subsidies to support their research with donations and taxpayer money without committing to give anything in return for their investment and without being transparent in their research; their mission is not to reduce cancer deaths and cost but to increase their cancer business, which could be detrimental to the advancement of science.

Please provide your answers by just mentioning the number and the letter.

Please send your support and/or your comments to these changes at:


Dario Crosetto

Crosetto Foundation

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