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How to reduce premature cancer deaths and costs THROUGH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR EARLY DETECTION.

If cancer treatments have not significantly reduced premature cancer deaths, then only EARLY DIAGNOSIS can defeat the disease. It will take an innovative technology.


The President of one of the most important conferences in the world, the 2013 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Scientific Conference, has launched a challenge to more than 3,000 scientists (physicists, doctors, chemists, biologists, engineers, etc.) who will meet October 27, 2013 in Seoul, Korea to present over 1,500 scientific articles. The challenge is to demonstrate that their project, invention, and/or discovery is “Beyond Imagination of Future Science.”

At this time, a single invention has demonstrated that it goes “BEYOND IMAGINATION OF FUTURE SCIENCE” in the discovery of new subatomic particles and also in providing a significant leap forward in the reduction of premature cancer deaths and cost through an effective early cancer detection.

This invention when applied to medical imaging, permitted the inventor to create the 3D-CBS technology that for the first time provides the possibility to make an effective early diagnosis of most types of cancer by annually performing a single cost-effective examination of the entire body, using low radiation. From a conservative estimate, the premature cancer deaths could be reduced by over 33% in six years utilizing the 3D-CBS device.

Further details of this invention and its implementation are available on the website,

The inventor made a promise to his friend who recently died of cancer, and to all those who are or have been victims of this disease, and to those who really care to eradicate this calamity, to be their spokesperson when the leading experts gather at the conference in Korea and to be their spokesperson whenever addressing those persons responsible in this field. He will seek satisfactory answers to pass along to those who support this cause. The answers should explain the discrepancy between the high cancer costs and the almost zero results in reducing premature deaths.

Support the mission of the inventor of the 3D-CBS technology in Korea by requesting on behalf of everyone a DIALOGUE so that the 3D-CBS will be compared with all other projects. It is necessary to analyze calculations and scientific arguments in public in a TRANSPARENT way. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the 3D-CBS is the most innovative invention with greater potential to reduce premature cancer deaths and cost. In the event someone doubts this technology, they should propose a more advantageous, alternative project. However, if claims of several authors cannot be invalidated with scientific arguments, prototypes of the 3D-CBS and other projects targeted to the same objective to reduce cancer deaths and cost should be funded and built.

Your contribution of at least $5 will support the construction of prototypes to perform a test on a sample population gathering experimental data showing results.  This is the path to the scientific truth for the benefit of mankind, not advertising approaches or treatments that do not provide results.

The EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS will demonstrate that the 3D-CBS can save more lives and reduce health costs better than current devices and other prototypes. It should be noted that the annual economic cost of cancer reaches $1.4 trillion with limited results in reducing cancer deaths: after 50 years, only 5%, mainly due to cessation from smoking and changes in lifestyle and not to research. The number of premature deaths from cancer per year has risen to 6.5 million people, with a 100 times cost of treatment increase in 50 years. A paradigm shift is necessary which can only take place as a result of your participation and support.

If you are interested in references and a demonstration of how the invention cited is going “Beyond Imagination of Future Science” to reduce your risk of dying prematurely from cancer, you can continue to read the blog by clicking here. (You will also find information on how you can win in the iPhone).

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