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Dear President Obama, 159,194,600 people died from cancer from when my invention was crushed (11,793,600 were Americans). On 5/31/2016 you wrote: “Dario – When I look back over the past seven years, so much of what we fought for we did because it was common sense.” I bring your attention to how I fought for 15 years for common sense and now you can be an important game-changer by ENFORCING TRANSPARENCY IN SCIENCE by assigning taxpayer money to research projects after a PUBLIC scientific review process based on calculations, analytical and scientific evidence.


Glen Crawford, Division Director of the Research and Technology Division of the Office of High Energy Physics of the U.S. Department of Energy is referring to and applies non-existent rules to deny his services and covers up non-legitimate privileges from corrupt scientists who seek grants from DOE without following a fair scientific procedure.


His violations to the DOE rules and abuse of power even put his DOE colleagues in difficulty when they had to relay Crawford’s non-existent rules to me without being able to refer to any government report where these rules were written after my request on several occasions.


The GATE to DOE for transferring the benefits from inventions is controlled by Crawford. His colleagues insisted this was his responsibility alone, and apparently no one can interfere with his role, however, we all believe you have the power to tell your employee to do their job.


His actions have caused hundreds of millions of wasted dollars and deprived taxpayers and humanity of the benefits from inventions that can save millions of lives.


Because my legitimate requests to the government in serving the interest of taxpayers have been snubbed and stonewalled by Glen Crawford at my every attempt to communicate directly with him, damaging millions of people, and inspired by the recent movies “The Man Who Knew Infinity” (Srinivasa Ramanujan), “The Imitation Game” (Alan Turing) “Castles in the Sky” (Robert Watson Watt), showing that in the past inventors had the possibility to present their inventions to government leaders, I respectfully request to present my 3D-Flow OPRA invention to the DOE experts in particle detection handling taxpayer money, so I can answer their questions and clear their concerns to accelerate the transfer of my invention to benefit humanity.

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