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Cancer will continue to kill 8.2 million people per year expected to reach 13 million in 20 years at a cost of $1500 billion per year OR    The 3D-CBS can save 2 million lives per year (Table cell D58) at $350 billion per year (Table cell G58 at 


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COMMENTARY – When I first came to United States in 1991, within five months I purchased a house with a 30 years mortgage and became familiar with tables showing how my monthly payment changed and how much was going toward interest and equity by changing the APR interest (fix or variable), the down payment, etc.


I have therefore created a similar table (in Excel at: and in pdf at: to estimate the number of lives saved and the revenue by changing a few parameters in a table.


I realized that today I would have saved approximately one million lives (Table cell B45) and 16 million by 2030 if I had received funding for my 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening), an advanced PET (Positron Emission Tomography) medical imaging device that I presented in two articles ( , and detailed in one book “400+ times improved PET efficiency for lower-dose radiation, lower-cost cancer screening” available at ‘’, which I distributed (200) free of charge to the leaders in the field who attended the 2000 IEEE-NSS-MIC Conference in Lyon, France.


Despite proving the concept of my invention is feasible and functional in hardware in two FPGA circuits in 2001, its feasibility and functionality to build electronic systems for detectors of any size in two modular boards in 2003 (, and winning the Leonardo da Vinci prize for the most efficient solution in particle detection targeted to early cancer diagnosis in 2011, my invention has never been funded.


Competitive Technologies

A google search of “cancer breakthrough” returns 45.7 million hits. Although there have been advances in understanding and curing some specific cancers, like leukemia, results show that cures for the majority of cancers detected early work in most cases, while cures for cancers detected at a late stage usually are unsuccessful.


In some cases drugs for late detection, with a global cost of trillion of dollars to develop, showed initial encouraging results, but then the cancer would develop a resistance to the drug. Now many hopes are placed on Genomics, immunotherapy, CICD (Caspase Independent Cell Death), etc. These studies must be continued.

We can study the most recent cancer breakthroughs, but they either benefit only a small number of types of cancers or do not provide cost-effective advantages that would have an immediate impact that can be presented in a table similar to the one in this article.


We are losing the war on cancer

The result is that we continue to lose the war on cancer as reported by the 2014 World Health Organization (WHO) report predicting that cancer deaths will increase from 8.2 million per year to 13 million per year in the next 20 years (


The 3D-CBS: the most competitive technology can defeat cancer

Experimental results show that early cancer detection combined with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy works. Colon cancer caught early has a 91% survival rate versus 11% if caught late, breast cancer 98% vs. 27%, etc.


What is missing is a device effective for early cancer detection covering all organs of the body with a single safe examination.


This device is the 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening), an advanced PET with a 1.5m detector covering all organs of the body (see trifold at ““, more details at “” and video at that shows competitiveness in results not only with all other technologies such as drugs for late detection, Genomic, Immunotherapy, CICD, etc., but also within all diagnostic medical imaging devices such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound, which measure tissue density and require many normal cells to change into cancerous cells before tissue morphological changes can be detected.


It is also hundreds of times more efficient and more cost effective than the existing over 10,000 PET (Positron Emission Tomography) working with the principle of detecting signals which show anomalies in biological processes before a morphological change occurs.


The 3D-CBS is also more efficient and cost-effective than the Explorer project ― a PET with a 2m detector that copied several of my ideas but is less efficient, cannot save many lives, and costs over ten times the 3D-CBS.


The 3D-CBS benefits cancer patients by ensuring all cancer cells are removed surgically, with radiation or chemotherapy and detects cancer early and effectively on asymptomatic people.


Obstacles to be removed

After presenting the two articles and giving 200 free copies of my book to the leaders in the field at the 2000 IEEE-NSS-MIC conference, instead of addressing scientifically aspects of my invention that were not fully understood, without supporting and funding it to accelerate the benefits to humanity, without providing any scientific reason, all my articles and presentations to the IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD conference have been rejected for 17 years.


The only exception was in 2003 when Ralph James was the General Chairman and I had three articles accepted, and in 2013 when he was the Chairman of the RTSD conference and I submitted an article. In 2008, another General Chairman of the IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference, Uwe Bratzler, tried to make the scientific truth prevail, but apparently was not sufficiently influential to succeed and my articles were again rejected without providing any scientific reason.


Those who rejected my articles at IEEE-NSS-MIC conferences during all those years, such as Joel Karp in 2002, copied several of my ideas and in 2015 submitted the Explorer proposal to NIH (National Institute of Health) that received funding of $15.5 million.


Suppression of my inventions continued by having my emails blocked to CERN and to the U.S. DOE, by making disappear my proposal and other official documents from the DOE, by first approving and then denying the presentation of my invention to DOE, by receiving a written order from DOE that I cannot submit a proposal for funding to DOE or speak about my invention with any DOE employee (, by first approving and promising a meeting with experts at NIH and NCI to discuss scientifically my invention and then denying it, by receiving attacks on my emails, websites, etc. (See ACTION NEEDED in the open letter to U.S. Senator John McCain and all cancer patients at:


An attorney who kindly listened for two hours to my list of facts said that he felt confident that he could win many of the injustices I have listed here and in the last paragraph of the DOE Office of Hearing and Appeals that granted my Appeal on February 1, 2017 (, however, he could not do this on contingency and believed this should be a cause sponsored by an organization defending an injustice against a large population or a class-action suit.


Protecting the investment and saving lives

My patents are protecting investors who care to make a difference in the world. My basic inventions have been proven feasible and functional in hardware. My latest improvements give an additional advantage in lower cost and higher efficiency compared to my original design of the 3D-CBS from the year 2000.


My patented invention has the capability to accurately capture all possible signals from the tumor markers at the lowest cost per valid signal captured compared to alternative approaches.


Fifty-nine quotes from reputable industries prove enormous advantages of the 3D-CBS compared to the most advance PET with a long 2m detector, the Explorer. In addition to my previous granted patents, I filed for a U.S. patent on October 28, 2016 with priority date October 28, 2015, extending to the rest of the world before October 28, 2017.


The differences are detailed in a comparison table ( with references to documents written by the respective authors.


The Explorer consumes 60KW, vs. 3D-CBS’s 4KW, uses half a million expensive crystals vs. less than 3,000 economical crystals, can process only 40TB of data in one day by a farm of computers vs. 40,000TB per day by 9 of my 3D-Flow OPRA boards, plus the Explorer costs over ten times the 3D-CBS.


As the mortgage table allows you to calculate monthly payments for different assumptions, this table allows investors to select a lifesaving and revenue PLAN for the 3D-CBS selecting different values in the yellow cells.


My patent protects the investor with a large margin in competitivity which goes from the component costs to build my 3D-CBS to the component cost for the competitors to build their Explorer.


For example, the cost of the components for the 3D-CBS is less than $2 million, while for the Explorer cost is more than $20 million.


In the table I selected a selling price for the 3D-CBS of $3.5 million, which gives a reasonable profit to the investor; however, for a quicker return of the investment, the selling price can be set anywhere below the Explorer’s price which they would have to be set at over $20 million – their component cost –  if they want to make a profit. The same criteria can be used for the examination cost that I selected as $400 but could be increased to over $1000 and still remain competitive.


These are good incentives to start a new market with the 3D-CBS to save lives and later the competition will lower the price of the goods.


A diligent work in determining the other values in the yellow cells of the spreadsheet will provide an estimate of revenues and lives saved.


The number of examinations per day is determined by the medical facility that will be operating the 3D-CBS.


The 0.5% cancer mortality rate among people aged 55 to 74 of row 19 and the lives saved in row 24 is determined by analyzing statistical data.


The rate to increase the production of the 3D-CBS of row 20 is determined by the investor. A small group of investors or a small manufacturing company with low production capabilities would have to set a higher selling price for the 3D-CBS device and for the examination and perhaps lower the number of examinations per year ― however, the patents will guarantee the return of their investment at the same time increase prosperity in the world.


Three 3D-CBS units located in different countries (USA, Canada, Italy) will constantly measure performance to confirm or modify the estimates in this table as follows: screening 10,000 people in the age group 55 to 74 taken from a location where, in the previous 20 years, the mortality rate was constant (e.g. 0.5%) and reporting every year changes in the death rate.


There are no technical or economic reasons preventing the defeat of cancer, saving 16 million lives in 30 years and 50% thereafter.


Let’s be united against cancer, cooperate to enforce the rule of law and transparency in science which will remove roadblocks to receive benefits in a significant premature cancer deaths reduction that could already have been put into action 17 years ago.


Dario Crosetto

President of Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths

900 Hideaway Pl.

DeSoto, TX 75115


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