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The following is an account of what occurred at the 2017 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference, in Atlanta, Georgia, after I distributed 1,200 copies of the 4-page article published by Focus Daily News on Sunday, October 22, 2017 available in pdf at: and in HTML at The General Chairman of the 2017 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference, Dr. John Aarsvold, after reading the seventeen-year history of adversities and difficulties I have had to receive scientific answers to my articles and proposals submitted to anonymous reviewers to be presented at IEEE conferences, and to publish and fund my inventions, agreed on the need for an exceptional, major public scientific review of my revolutionary breakthrough inventions that would go beyond the regular anonymous review process of an article or funding of a proposal.  He agreed it should be a similar format to the major, public, scientific review of my previous invention that was requested by the Director of the Superconducting Super Collider (also Director of Fermilab), and held on December 1993 at FERMIlab and recognized as valuable.

He agreed to take charges to organize this major scientific review to render a service to humanity and to investors or venture capitalists, realizing the need to have the opinion of experts in the field, on condition he receive $10,000 from them in order to work on the preparation of this event. He also provided names of several experts and/or influential people in the field of PET (Positron Emission Tomography) who should be invited to be on the review panel.


What follows took place at the evening reception organized by the 2017 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD conference on Wednesday, October 26, 2017, followed by additional meetings at the Hyatt Regency hotel lobby until 10:00 pm, and the following morning with phone calls to Prof. Vincenzo Vigna, Cardio-Surgeon from the Hospital San Matteo in Pavia, Italy, who, for several years has shown particular interest in my innovations and inventions and the benefits they would bring to the bed of patients. From 2005, he has been the link between scientists at CERN, investors, and politicians at the National and European Parliament who also want to serve their constituents well.


A clearer picture of this entire operation and its feasibility of being implemented was reached on Thursday morning after talking to Prof. Vincenzo Vigna who agreed to provide the $10,000 requested by Prof. Aarsvold to begin putting together this event that everyone agreed would be best suited to take place at CERN in Geneva.


Just a quick note to underline the importance of these annual IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD conferences (and I have attended most of them for the past 26 years), in particular the reception where over 2000 participants walk around a large hall with a glass of wine and something to eat while having the chance to talk and network with colleagues.


Prof. Aarsvold, a respected professional in the field of radiology, medical imaging, and PET who knows the most important world players in the field, suggested the following people be invited to be on the review panel:


Professionals from PET manufacturers:


–          Charles Stearns from GE or a representative from GE appointed by him

–          Matthias Schmand from Siemens or a representative from Siemens appointed by him

–          Daniel Gagnon who worked on medical imaging instrumentation with Philips and other industries


Among the academic experts or influential people in the field:

–          Bill Moses

–          Simon Cherry

–          Joel Karp

–          David Townsend

–          Paul Lecoq

–          Gary Wang

–          Chris Thompson

–          Sibylle Ziegler

–          Bernd Pichler


After this first agreement with Prof. Aarsvold, I briefly met NPSS President Prof. Stefan Ritt, informing him of the agreement reached with Prof. Aarsvold and asking whether he would agree to be part of the review panel of my inventions at CERN, and he graciously agreed stating that he could make a daytrip by car from Zurich to Geneva. I relayed Ritt’s acceptance to Aarsvold, who was in agreement.


Later, I had a meeting with Prof. Qiushi Ren from Peking University College of Engineering, Chairman Department of Biomedical Engineering, PKU-COE Endowed Chair Professor; MOE Chang-Jiang Distinguished Professor, Fellow, SPIE, AIMBE, who showed interest in my project after reading the 4-page article, and who contacted me earlier that day. During our meeting that lasted until 10:00 pm, his assistant, Xiangxi Meng, was also present. He is a PhD candidate. Both asked me questions on several chapters, figures and tables of my technical-scientific book written in the year 2000 (


Prof. Qiushi Ren agreed to be a member of the review panel of my inventions at CERN and to bring with him a person from China who worked in planning large budget projects for the Chinese Government.


Because the basis of my invention is related to cost-efficiently identifying particles (photons in medical imaging), it is essential to have a scientific discussion with experts in particle detection at CERN as requested by CERN Director General Prof. Fabiola Gianotti in an email sent on February 7, 2017, to Andy Lankford, Joel Butler, and Nadia Pastrone, appointing them to organize such a discussion/review of my inventions at CERN.


She sent me a copy of this email and to Prof. Vigna, to the Honorable Gianni Pittella who is head of the second largest group at the European Parliament, and who had requested in the first place that I could present my inventions at CERN and to his assistant Dr. Nino Carmine.


The logical approach to implement this public scientific review would require I first address my invention in particle detection and have the three experts appointed by CERN Director General to organize the review (or other experts appointed by them) to define the charges to the reviewers as Andy Lankford did in the previous Fermilab review in 1993 ( This should be followed by a review of the application of my invention in medical imaging with the charges to the reviewers defined by John Aarsvold or an expert appointed by him.


I could help define the charges to the reviewers by setting forth my claims to the technical-scientific advantages and benefits to humanity that my inventions would bring that could be further detailed by the above persons.


I could summarize my claims in a short sentence common to applications in both physics experiments and medical imaging, which is: “My invention has the capability to accurately capture all possible events (or signals from tumor markers in medical imaging applications) defined by experimental physicists in a programmable real-time algorithm at the lowest cost per valid event (or signal from tumor markers) compared to alternative approaches”.


The request to have this major scientific review of my inventions at CERN is further supported by the question I asked at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, October 23, 2017, after the presentation by T. Orimoto on behalf of the CERN-CMS collaboration “High precision electromagnetic calorimetry with 40 MHz readout: the CMS crystal ECAL for the High-Luminosity LHC.”


I asked her if their project was executing the entire Level-1 Trigger algorithm on each of the 75,000 detector elements and she said it is under evaluation. It would be important to compare the performance of my 3D-Flow OPRA, scalable, modular system submitted to DOE on December 22, 2015, costing $100,000 for each replicated unit with 8,192 electronic channels in one VXI crate. It will be essential to compare the cost and capability of executing complex programmable real-time algorithms on each of the 75,000 detector elements to identify any particles with respect to alternative systems designed at CERN for CMS and Atlas experiments.


After this discussion and assessment of the advantages and benefits of my invention in particle detection, the discussion could continue with the experts in medical imaging assess the advantages of my inventions in reducing the radiation to the patient, in its capability of providing the precise information to the physicians that would help them in the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of treatments, and in the lowest cost and highest margin for profit for the investors compared to other projects such as the Explorer or any other research project in the field, to determine the reduction of cancer deaths and costs in a 30-year plan as reported as an example in the table reported in the 4-page article (in Excel at: and in pdf at:


To balance the contributions from experts and influential people so as to help address scientifically, economically and politically the most deadly and costly calamity in the world through this open, public, transparent, scientific review to make the scientific truth emerge and prevail to benefit us all, I would like to respectfully suggest the following people (or people appointed by them with an equivalent position of responsibility in the government) be included in the review panel:


Dr. Jim Siegrist, Director of the Office of High Energy Physics of the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Dr. Michael Lauer, Director of Extramural Research of the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH), and those with equivalent positions of responsibility at the European Commission who are funding CERN and heath care research in Europe. They would balance Prof. Qiushi Ren’s colleague from China who is expert in managing large government budgets.


I would also like to suggest Prof. Ralph James be invited on the panel of reviewers as he was the only one of the IEEE leaders during the past 17 years who gave me an opportunity to present my inventions at the 2003 IEEE-NSS-MIC conference and at the 2013 IEEE-RTSD conference.


There are no technical or economic reasons to prevent the building of a more cost-effective instrumentation in particle physics to discover the unknown (59 quotes from reputable industries prove my invention to be feasible and cost-effective), or in medical imaging to prevent the defeat of cancer and save over 50% of lives of those who could undertake a 3D-CBS examination effective for early cancer detection requiring only 1% of the radiation with respect to current PET, and where the low cost of the device and of the examination would provide a large margin of profit compared to other approaches.


Together, in an open, public, transparent, scientific review of my inventions, we could make the scientific truth emerge and prevail to the benefit of humanity. Journalists are invited to inform the public about the progress on this public, transparent scientific procedure.




Dario Crosetto

President of the Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths

900 Hideaway Pl.

DeSoto, TX 75115


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