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See full article published by Focus Daily News on 15 December 2018

With all my resources and strength I am working for Transparency in Science, fighting corruption in the scientific world that is damaging you by preventing to save millions of lives through an effective early cancer detection and fighting the waste of taxpayer money, however, I cannot be alone. I need your help.I have used my small pension fund, however, your help is very much needed to contribute to pay fees, air travel to Scientific Conferences, etc. to speak up and defend your interests. $10 or any amount helps to the Crosetto foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths, a non-profit 501(c3),  tax-exempt organization. Your tax-deductible donations can be made to ABA: 114000093 –   SWIFT: FRSTUS44 – Account: cc. 96-2079895Or electronically with credit card or PayPal at:

I am demanding scientific answers and transparency in science and in 32 days I made the following effort:

  • on October 31, 2018, I answered to the appeal by the top experts in Detection and Imaging Technology from CERN-Attract Consortium (,
  • for a week, starting on 12 November 2018, I woke up every morning at 5:00 am to reach the ICC center in Sydney, Australia to distribute many copies of my 7 November 2018, article ( and two page summary to 2,000 scientists attending the most important IEEE-NSS-MIC Conference in the field of physics and medical imaging,
  • on 28-29 November 2018, I distributed many copies of my 22 October 2017, article (, the 23 August 2018 article ( and the new 29 November 2018, article ( to the over 50,000 attendees to the RSNA meeting/exhibition (Radiological Society of North America) in Chicago.
  • on 1 December 2018, I gave a presentation (see Summary and bio at, and slides at at the 13th Conference of Italian Researchers in the World, held at Richland College in Dallas, TX and distributed the same copies as I did at the RSNA in Chicago.

Now I am sending my new article ( dated 15 December 2018, to scientists, leaders in the field, newspapers, televisions and journalists working in the public interest and I am going to Italy where I will continue the action already done for 63 days of sleeping in the car (including Christmas Eve and night in 2017) to appeal for addressing scientific issues and for Transparency in Science and other inconsistencies that need to be addressed.

I would appreciate your support and a considerate answer.

Thank you,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Dario Crosetto


PS. Very urgent, eye opening information in defense of cancer patients who are dying needlessly and taxpayers whose money is wasted.

Technological invention, officially recognized a breakthrough by a formal scientific review, proven functional in hardware circuits, proven efficient to advance science, to save millions of lives and save hundreds of millions of dollars is waiting to be addressed by the scientific community.

For three years 59 quotes from 21 reputable industries and the 271 pages describing these advantages and benefits using current technology are waiting to be analyzed.

There is an unbalance power between leaders and influential scientists who support transparency in science and those who suppress it for the interest of a few rather than the public, causing enormous damages to humanity.

I am looking for newspapers, television and journalists working in the public interest who could interview me in regard to irrefutable facts (I have the proofs. See some hints at this document that will make the scientific truth for the benefits of humanity emerge.

I am seeking collaboration with all scientists, leaders and journalists who would like to have an open, sincere, honest dialogue where evidence is analyzed openly, and where everyone aims to do what is best for the advancement in science and for humanity.

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