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Request for a confirmation if I can freely display in public (before CERN entrance and eventually downtown Geneva) a poster hand-carried and distributing about one thousand newspaper articles demanding scientific answers and Transparency in Science, or if it is required a permit.

Nicolas DENTAN

Capitaine à la Direction des Opérations, Police cantonale de Genève

Chemin de la Gravière 5

1227 Les Acacias



December 21, 2018

Subject: request for a confirmation if I can freely display in public (before CERN entrance and eventually downtown Geneva) a poster hand-carried and distributing about one thousand newspaper articles demanding scientific answers and Transparency in Science, or if it is required a permit.


Dear Mr. DETANT, Capitain a la direction des Operations de Geneve,

Fist I would like to thank you for your service and protection of the population.

I worked for 17 years at CERN experiments travelling from Turin, Italy and during last two years as scientific associate paid by CERN, residing in Geneva, before moving to Dallas, Texas in 1991 for the Superconducting Supercollider project, where I am still residing for 27 years. However, in the year 2000, I changed my activity to medical imaging applications dedicating my life to save millions of lives through an effective early cancer detection based on my 3D-Flow invention in particle physics.

My 3D-Flow invention has been recognized officially by a major international scientific review at Fermilab ( has been proven functional in hardware circuits and using current technology is proven feasible by 59 quotes from reputable industries to replace the CERN-CMS L1-Trigger System consisting of 4,000 electronic boards housed in hundreds of chassis, occupying an entire room with my nine 3D-Flow OPRA boards housed in one chassis, which is more efficient at one thousandth the cost.

Despite these recognition and proofs, despite CERN Director General on February 7, 2017, appointed experts at CERN to organize a discussion/review of my inventions at CERN, those in charge of the Detection and Imaging Technology are using taxpayer money to distribute millions of euros ( to find the solution of a problem for which it has been recognized the existence of the solution for two decades and they continue to ignore it.

Many scientists and journalists in the scientific community are aware about these flaws among the scientific community as recent articles have also been published in the Scientific American (,, However, these articles use general terms to describe these flaws and when I provide First and Last names of people responsible and of specific facts proving this practice of denying transparency in Science and denying Scientific Procedures, the problem is not addressed and fixed.

For example, for the past three years I have been asking the experts in particle physics at CERN to discuss and review the 271 pages of my 3D-Flow system and the 59 quotes from the industries, eventually inviting the engineers who wrote the quote to explain them the new technology.

Unfortunately, all these scientific procedures have been suppressed (I have not received scientific answers), together with my presentations to scientists, publications and funding my invention that can provide enormous advantages also in other applications such as in my 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening) with the potential so save millions of lives through an effective early cancer detection.

Because of my duty and responsibility as a scientist who need to provide the highest benefits from advancements in science to benefit humanity, I was then forced to inform the scientists and the public directly as I have done during the past years at scientific conferences, research centers and funding agencies with posters and flyers in several towns in the world as reported in my last article ( dated 15 December 2018 (IEEE Conf. in Seattle, WA; U.S. DOE in Washington DC; U.S. NIH in Washington DC; U.S. White House in Washington DC; European Commission; European Parliament in Brussels; IEEE Conf. in Strasbourg, France; IEEE Conf. in Atlanta, GE; IEEE Conf. in Sydney, Australia; RSNA in Chicago).

With prudence and for respect as I am doing with you in Geneva, I contacted the Police in Sydney and I wrote to the Lord Mayor and Council members of the City of Sydney in Australia with the following letter ( I was pleased to receive an answer from the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney supporting my request for Transparency in Science and providing as much help she could give in referring me to the proper agencies in Australia.

As I gave a copy of the material I intended to display and distribute in Sydney, I am also providing you a copy of the material I intend to display publicly in a poster and distribute in Geneva at the entrance of CERN and eventually downtown.

When I called your office this morning I was told that there is no need for a permit if I am doing this in a group fewer than five people, however, the person who answered the phone suggested to write to you if I needed a written confirmation that I could show to anyone who would attempt to stop my valuable action in providing scientists and the public information in their interest.

I intend to distribute in Geneva articles that I distributed

  • in Sydney, Australia of my 7 November 2018, article ( and two page summary to 2,000 scientists attending the most important IEEE-NSS-MIC Conference in the field of physics and medical imaging,
  • in Chicago at the RSNA of my 29 November 2018, article ( to the over 50,000 attendees to the RSNA meeting/exhibition (Radiological Society of North America) in Chicago
  • the new article dated 15 December 2018


I would appreciate if you could also provide instructions if there are any other information I should know to comply with the law and best serve humanity.

I am seeking collaboration with all scientists, leaders and journalists who would like to have an open, sincere, honest dialogue where evidence is analysed openly, and where everyone aims to do what is best for the advancement in science and for humanity.

Thank you for your assistance,


Dario Crosetto

President of the Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths

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