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My name is Dario Crosetto, I have over 20 years of experience in the most important research centers in physics, including CERN in Geneva and Superconducting Super Collider in Texas. Currently I am the President of the Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths.

I am the inventor of 3D-Flow technology useful to create powerful tools for the discovery of new particles and 3D-CBS (complete 3-D body examination) enabling an effective early cancer detection.I received $1 million in research grants, I proved my inventions feasible and functioning. They were also recognized in a scientific peer-review article published by one of the most prestigious scientific journals ( These inventions have been recognized officially and formally valid in international public scientific reviews; the 3D-CBS won the Leonardo da Vinci Award and the innovative concept has been proven feasible and working in hardware circuits.

For three years there have been 59 quotes from 21 reputable industries proving the feasibility of my inventions to create significant advancements in science, with the potential to reduce premature cancer mortality by over 50%.

I have long asked for transparency in science and to publicly examine these 59 quotes. I ask for scientific answers that evaluate the merit of my inventions compared to other approaches that are funded and that are less efficient and hundreds of times more expensive. I am not the only one to ask for Transparency in Science, I invite you to read the article on Scientific American of October 2018 (

To avoid wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money and NEEDLESSLY LOSING MILLIONS OF LIVES THAT COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED, BECAUSE I DO NOT RECEIVE SCIENTIFIC ANSWERS, I decided to inform scientists directly at the most important scientific conferences in the field and at CERN, distributing articles published by me and explaining at page 2 of the article, one of the concepts of my inventions in a way that is understandable to high school students. All this, in order to accelerate the benefits of my inventions to humanity.

This morning, 10 January 2019 (and I will be there tomorrow), I went in front of CERN with a sign ( and thousands copies of articles that I started to distribute. Last night I sent the following message to experts in the field, explaining that my intent is to collaborate to accelerate the benefits to humanity. Initially, Security came to take pictures of my poster saying that they had to take it to the “Direction”, then they asked me to remove the poster that I had placed on the wire mesh of the CERN border.

However, a few minutes later, the same Security person, came back almost running with a smile on his face apologizing and telling me that he had received orders that I could keep the poster leaning on the wire mesh of CERN next to the entrance.

Good sign. We hope that the next opening is to transparency in science, with an invitation to discuss scientific topics, sitting at a table in a warm room inside CERN.

Several researchers stopped by to talk about this subject, especially young people. For example, I spoke to a Canadian researcher at CERN for a month, working on the ATLAS experiment and coming from the Triumf research center in Vancouver, Canada. I enclose some photos.


Support Transparency in Science to make the scientific truth for the benefit of humanity prevail and reducing by over 50% premature cancer deaths. You can make a donation to the Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths, a non-profit 501(c3), tax-exempt organization. Your tax-deductible donations can be made to ABA: 114000093 – SWIFT: FRSTUS44 – Account: cc. 96-2079895. Or electronically with credit card or PayPal at:

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