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I made a promise to my late friend, Lillo Mulone, cancer patients, taxpayers and over 8,000 signatories of a petition asking CERN Directors and leaders in the field why they have neither funded nor recommended the funding of the 3D-CBS device, or provided references to other projects they believe have a higher potential to reduce cancer deaths and cost.

I promised to serve their interest and point out the scientific inconsistencies that prevent the reduction of cancer deaths and cost.

Mulone asked CERN Research Director, Sergio Bertolucci in an e-mail to meet with me and evaluate the particle detection aspect of my 3D-CBS project and or provide the references to other projects with higher potential to reduce cancer deaths and cost. Bertolucci granted this meeting with me and Dr. Vigna.

I gave Mulone a detailed written report on the meeting he had requested.  Bertolucci could not invalidate my claims, but made inconsistent statements, for example that CERN uses the latest most advanced, most expensive technology, although its approach will neither solve the problem of accurately measuring all characteristics of a new particle to be able to rule out uncertainties, nor can it provide an early cancer detection. I demonstrated that my invention, using less expensive components and technology, could achieve a higher performance in solving the specific task of finding new particles and provide an effective early detection.

Dr. Vigna and I made every effort to implement a dialogue with Bertolucci, asking him to organize a public forum with his experts in particle detection.  This request for transparency was refused and his foul language neither showed respect nor was conducive to any logical scientific dialogue.

Nevertheless, I am still available to address the scientific issues with Bertolucci or any person who holds a position of responsibility in the field. I trust that if a scientific procedure is followed, an agreement can be reached and/or disagreements can be resolved with calculations, logical reasoning, and ultimately by funding an experiment at a minimum cost where the results would resolve any disagreement.

Mulone sent my written report to the BBC and to other entities which have the people’s trust to receive information in their best interest.

The proof that my 3D-CBS invention could have saved many of the 100 million people with an effective early cancer detection from when I conceived, validated and presented it 14 years ago, was confirmed recently at the 2013 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference held October 27 through November 2, 2013, in Seoul, Korea by scientists from three major universities. In the past, they had rejected my claims and calculations and prevented me from presenting them at IEEE conferences. After 14 years, results of their calculations proved that I was right in claiming all benefits of early detection of diseases and low radiation to the patient because with their design using thinner crystals, stopping less signals from tumor markers (compared to my 3D-CBS design), they confirm a radiation of only 0.1 mSv. Therefore, with my 3D-CBS using thicker crystals, the radiation is even lower and safer, as low as 0.08 mSv.

I bring this to your attention because after more than a year, citizens of the world have not been informed.

What you can do to save millions of lives.

  • Request everyone raising or spending money to fight cancer, whether it be for a vaccine, drug, screening device, or a program to educate high risk individuals to change their lifestyle, should provide an estimate of the reduction of cancer deaths they expect to attain with their research and a plan to measure them on a sample population. For example: 10,000 people in the age group 55 to 74 taken from a location where, in the previous 20 years, the mortality rate was constant (e.g. 0.5%). A difference or no difference in the mortality rate will quantify the success or failure of the proposed solution.
  • Share this information with family friends, the media, journalists, by e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, etc.,
  • Send this message to all philanthropists who are looking for projects that will provide maximum,  benefit to humanity, and tell them that I am available to meet with any experts in the field.  I will also be available for public debates and will work together to resolve the inconsistencies that can solve the cancer problem which has still not been resolved in spite of thousands of people who are dedicating their lives toward this cause.


Dario Crosetto

(Supported in two scientific articles: one page at and 32 pages at:

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