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Five questions from a group of young people to achieve transparency in research presented at one of the largest Scientific Conference taking place now in Seoul, Korea.

This is a continuation to the first newsletter implementing a DIALOGUE to identify projects/approaches/inventions with high potential to reduce cancer deaths and costs so you can be informed of the reasons why your tax-dollars and donations toward cancer did not significantly reduce cancer deaths and costs and what it takes to achieve it. Support this cause at

The youth from St. Stefano asked 5 questions regarding transparency in research to the 2,355 scientists and organizers of one of the largest scientific conferences in this field, which is being held this week, for the first time in Asia, in Seoul, Korea.

Research scientist Dario Crosetto, who has an article accepted at the conference, acting as their delegate and spokesman, voiced their requests during the plenary meeting, before about 1,000 scientists when the session chairman asked if there were any questions. After the session, Crosetto was able to briefly meet the General Chairman, He-Joung Kim, and the Chairman of the Medical Imaging Conference, Jae Sung Lee, giving them a printed copy of the article with the questions translated from Italian to English and asking if they could kindly provide an answer to the five questions below, and organize a forum. (See article published on the newspaper “magaze” at:

Please join the youth from St. Stefano and in your best interest, support their requests of transparency and support the delegate/spokesperson, Dario Crosetto, who will report the news about the conference and the answers received.

Here are the questions:

  1. We approve the initiative of the Chairman of IEEE- NSS -MIC- RTSD of October 27, 2013 in Seoul, and we would like to request the list of projects presented that are consistent with the theme of the meeting, giving us the link to the document that each author has prepared to demonstrate they have a project/approach/invention going “beyond the imagination of future science”.
  2. We would like to request the list of names of experts in reducing premature cancer deaths and costs.
  3. We would like to request the list of projects having the greatest potential to reduce premature cancer deaths and cost, the link to the documents that describes the project, the link to their practical plan to implement it, the costs and the length of time it takes from receipt of funding for results, and how the author or inventor plans to measure the results on a sample population.
  4. We would like to know if there are projects with greater potential to reduce premature cancer deaths and the related costs compared to Crosetto’s technology, which has been recognized as valid by numerous public and scientific reviews and received the Leonardo da Vinci Award. Please list these projects, provide documentation, the plan of action and verification of a sample population. If you are unable to identify any projects that can demonstrate a greater potential to reducing premature cancer deaths compared with the 3D-CBS project, then funding agencies for research projects should be informed to support the 3D-CBS project to finally achieve all the benefits we should have been experiencing for years.
  5. We also would like to know what are the benefits for our day-to-day lives from the projects presented at the conference by the researchers.

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It is essential that we all contribute by asking those who raise and spend cancer funds for an estimate of the reduction of cancer deaths they expect to attain. This will avoid having a $1.4 trillion economic cost of cancer per year that continues to increase. The date to reach this objective is postponed year after year, since President Nixon stated that cancer would be defeated by the end of 1970’s.

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