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During this holiday time of giving and receiving, our hearts go out to those who are in need. Although every situation causing suffering deserves consideration, how can we ignore the 6.5 million people who suffer and die prematurely every year from cancer and its exorbitant economic global cost of $1.4 trillion per year?

We have known for over 60 years that 50% of these people could be saved with early cancer detection as stated by reputable sources and confirmed by experimental data .

Media, leaders in the world and citizens were rightly outraged by the mass killing of 1,400 people in Syria, and held the Assad regime accountable . Likewise, Hitler was found accountable for the killing of 6 million Jews.

Therefore, the logical question is: who is accountable for the millions of lives lost of which many could have been saved with the 3D-CBS invention for early cancer detection ? First of all, scientists are accountable in particular those who hold positions of responsibility to decide which projects have to be funded or recommended for funding and which do not. Their evaluations should be based on which projects have the highest potential to reduce cancer deaths and cost. Listen to statements from CERN’s Research Director, Sergio Bertolucci at , with inconsistent answers and foul language repeating “F***” 33 times, and when asked why his committee gave the first prize to Joram’s CERN-Axial PET project that is less efficient and more costly than the current PET (Positron Emission Tomography) he answered, “don’t give a “F***” for Joram”. By having leaders and decision-makers in the field not taking responsibility for the positions they hold, many people die and continue to die needlessly.

What can you do to save millions of lives?

•  Support this effort with $10 or whatever amount you can at address and eliminate the inconsistencies so that the scientific truth for the benefit of mankind can prevail.

•  Have the courage as the late cancer patient, Lillo Mulone, did to address inconsistencies in the choice of the strategy to fight cancer (as Mulone calls “ mattanza ”) by (a) asking leaders in the field to take responsibility, (b) asking leaders to meet with me, (c) asking leaders to explain why they fund less efficient projects rather than the 3D-CBS, and (d) providing the report of our meeting for its dissemination to the BBC and other entities which have the people’s trust.

•  Share this information with family, friends, the media, journalists, by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.,

•  Send this message to all philanthropists who want to support projects that have the maximum impact benefitting humanity.

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Dario Crosetto

The above claims are supported in two scientific articles: one page at and 32 pages at: .

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The Team of “United To End Cancer”

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