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I respectfully write you this message with the intent to defend the interest of cancer patients and taxpayers and I do not have anything personal against you, and if you invite me to take coffee at the CERN cafeteria (you can find me from noon to 2:00 pm distributing flyers before CERN Reception Bat. 33) perhaps we could clarify some issues. Now I need to write sincerely what I think is in the interest of cancer patients, taxpayers and what is supported by scientific evidence. Continue reading

During my time spent in front of CERN premises on September 14th and 15th, 2019 distributing flyers, I had the opportunity to meet and have a conversation with several people. One of visitor on Sunday told me he was a science-fiction writer who said you scheduled a meeting with him in the following days. I asked if he was also writing about the 1 million people colony project to Mars and he said no because it was too realistic, instead he was writing about interstellar trips and fiction with no scientific grounds showing that would be possible Continue reading

This document is available in pdf at:

Dear CERN Director General, Prof. Fabiola Gianotti,

My intention here is to provide you with scientific evidence to save CERN from leaders driving science in the wrong direction, thereby preventing innovations from reaching humanity which will save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, save lives, and advance science. Continue reading

This document is available in pdf at: and in Italian at :

It was a success my distribution outside CERN of approximately one thousand copies of articles that I had published requesting transparency in science and reproducible results.  I have been requesting these for years and these requests were also made in an article published by Scientific American in October 2018 (, and translated into Italian, published by “Le Scienze” in December 2018. Continue reading

My name is Dario Crosetto, I have over 20 years of experience in the most important research centers in physics, including CERN in Geneva and Superconducting Super Collider in Texas. Currently I am the President of the Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths.

I am the inventor of 3D-Flow technology useful to create powerful tools for the discovery of new particles and 3D-CBS (complete 3-D body examination) enabling an effective early cancer detection. Continue reading

This letter is available at:

Request for a confirmation if I can freely display in public (before CERN entrance and eventually downtown Geneva) a poster hand-carried and distributing about one thousand newspaper articles demanding scientific answers and Transparency in Science, or if it is required a permit.

Continue reading

See full article published by Focus Daily News on 15 December 2018

With all my resources and strength I am working for Transparency in Science, fighting corruption in the scientific world that is damaging you by preventing to save millions of lives through an effective early cancer detection and fighting the waste of taxpayer money, however, I cannot be alone. I need your help. Continue reading

protocollo N. A0100D 978 del 26 luglio 2018, disponibile anche a: 

Al giornalista: scrivi un articolo sull’interrogazione riassunta in una pagina a con riferimento al testo completo a    

A tutti i cittadini: Scrivi una lettera (esempio di lettera ai Consiglieri Regionali del Piemonte per ringraziare quelli che hanno presentato l’interrogazione ed esortare gli altri affinché si uniscano e la sostengano, per cercare di risolvere la calamità più mortale e costosa al mondo, cioè il cancro attraverso la Trasparenza nella Scienza. Nell’eventualità che qualcuno fosse contrario alla Trasparenza nella Scienza e non supporta questa interrogazione, chiedi di esprimere il loro pensiero e spiegare perché sono contrari. Continue reading

I came to the TotalBodyPET Conference in Ghent because I wanted to know why the organizing committee rejected my paper and because I have a concern for taxpayers and the humanity that this is a commercial propaganda of the PET Explorer, driving the industry in the wrong direction to create a new PET market that is not defeating cancer and is not benefitting taxpayers. Here is what happened on July 1st, 2018 at the TotalBodyPET Conference: Continue reading

Two Decades of Mobbing and Bullying by the scientific community prevented millions of lives and hundreds of millions of dollars from being saved

The author’s technology-independent 3D-Flow invention that breaks the speed barrier in real-time application was recognized valuable and certified formally and officially by a panel of experts from prestigious universities, industries, and important world research centers in a major public scientific review held at Fermi National Laboratory on December 14, 1993 [4].

The panel recognized that Crosetto’s 3D-Flow architecture can satisfy the requirement of several Level-1 Triggers of several experiments and that “given this feature experimenters would probably think clever uses not now possible”. Continue reading

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