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On November 10, 2014, Crosetto asked Ingrid-Maria Gregor, Chair of the 2014 IEEE-NSS (Nuclear Science Symposium Conference), why in her May 10, 2014 letter to him, she refused his proposal for a workshop which would allow senior scientists, young scientists and PhD students to question each other publicly about the most cost-effective solutions to advance science in particle detection, and made inconsistent statements as Crosetto clearly pointed out to her in his letter dated June 30, 2014. Since Ms. Gregor never replied to this letter, he respectfully waited to hear her reply at the conference before informing other scientists and the public.

Ingrid Gregor responded that one reply will generate another reply and she does not want that. However, only a public dialogue open to all scientists who may ask each other pertinent, legitimate questions will guarantee that the best science can emerge so inconsistencies can be addressed and resolved.

By denying the “transparency in science” workshop, Gregor is denying the solution of inconsistencies which prevent humanity from receiving full benefits from scientific innovations and advancements, and increase the burden to taxpayers with higher unjustified costs.

Later in the day, Crosetto asked the same question to Adam Bernstein who said to resubmit the proposal the following year. He provided no scientific explanation for the rejection of Crosetto’s proposal; instead, he claimed that, as Deputy Chair, he is doing unpaid


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