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VI. Three Examples of Inconsistencies Addressed and Solved

I would ask you to think about the following three real world examples from the last century which were recently made into movies showing who addressed and solved inconsistencies that opened the door to innovations for the benefit of humanity and stopped the needless loss of lives and money.

  1. The benefit of saving many lives in the United Kingdom from Nazi bombers during the Second World War was achieved because:
    1. The existence of the problem was recognized: Enemy airfields across the English Channel potentially only 20 minutes’ flying-time away could drop their bombs and return to base before any intercepting fighters could detect them and achieve enough altitude. Standing patrol of UK fighters in the air at all times was not feasible. An alternative solution was to urgently improve air defense with radar.
    2. Someone wanted to solve the problem: The UK Government took charge to look into the details.
    3. The inconsistency of the lack of funding for the construction of more powerful radars was identified and resolved when Robert Watson Watt’s pioneer work was funded. Although all pioneer works and inventions do not have results until the first device is built, it made sense to expect that higher power radio wave systems would detect aircrafts at a further distance than low power radio wave systems.

      Eighty years later, these facts were brought to the public in the 2014 BBC movie “Castles in The Sky” that I watched on a return flight from Europe in February 2015 (also available at: The movie shows how Winston Churchill and his scientific advisors with great responsibility toward the public broke all rules of funding research through the proper channels of senior influential scientists in academia and wanted to hear directly from the inventors, comparing their ideas to find out who had the one having the greatest solid scientific evidence and highest potential that could solve the problem.

  2. The benefits of saving an estimated 14 million lives and shortening World War II by an estimated two years was achieved because:
    1. The existence of the problem was recognized: Allied ships were being sunk with the loss of many lives because German Enigma messages permitting the Allied Forces to know in advance German plans of attack and positions of their Army could not be decrypted with the Polish bomba kryptologiczna.
    2. Someone wanted to solve the problem : The UK Government took charge to look into the details.
    3. The inconsistency of the lack of funding for the construction of Turing’s idea for a superior electromechanical machine that could help break Enigma more effectively than the Polish bomba was identified after Turing realized that going through the proper channels was getting nowhere. So he broke all rules writing directly to Winston Churchill on 10/28/1941, spelling out his difficulties. Churchill and his scientific advisors resolved the inconsistent difficulties and immediately funded Turing.

Seventy-six years later, these facts were brought to the public in the movie “The Imitation Game” on wide release at theaters that I watched recently. (Also available at The movie shows how Churchill broke all rules of the hierarchical, influential scientists in academia and research when he appointed Turing head of the project. Turing immediately fired two scientists in the group who were obstructing scientific procedures. Andrew Hodges, biographer of Turing, reported that Churchill wrote a memo to General Ismay which read: “ ACTION THIS DAY. Make sure they have all they want on extreme priority and report to me that this has been done.”

  1. The benefit of ending the violation of the U.S. Constitution and the killing of African-Americans who were trying to exercise their right to vote in Alabama in 1965 was achieved because:
    1. The existence of the problem was recognized : The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of all Americans to vote without discrimination of gender, race, etc., and yet in the town of Selma, Alabama 1965, only 2% of blacks had been given the electoral certificate despite having a population of over 50% blacks.
    2. Someone wanted to solve the problem : The President of the United States took charge to look into the details.
    3. The inconsistency of asking illegitimate questions to black people and not to white people, denying the electoral certificate with this tricky legal procedure, killing protesters (black and white) who were asking for the guarantee of the U.S. Constitution for all American was identified (e.g. asking only black people who sought an electoral certificate to provide the names of all 67 Judges in each county of Alabama), was resolved by Judges in Alabama after Federal Forces were sent by the U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson to protect and guarantee the right of everyone to vote, ending the violence.

      Fifty years later, these facts were brought to the public in the movie “SELMA” on wide release that I watched recently. The movie reveals that there was no way for Martin Luther King Jr. to solve the problem non-violently with the Governor of Alabama, George Wallace, and the Sheriff Jim Clark who, despite having a responsibility to obey the Constitution, used violence illegally and without suffering any consequence. There would have been no solution had L.B. Johnson not overruled them with a bill and sent Federal Troops to protect civilian protesters and voters.

These three examples demonstrate that to receive benefits from an invention or to guarantee the rights of the Constitution to everyone,we need first to recognize the existence of the problem, someone must want to solve and take charge to address the problem, the inconsistencies must be identified, resolved and funding provided or equal rights guaranteed for everyone.

VII. Motivation for Leaders to Act Urgently to Limit the Loss of Lives and Money

After leaders become aware of a problem and their inconsistencies that are an impediment to the solution, their position of responsibility toward millions of people should be a strong motivation to act as soon as possible to limit the damages in denying advancements in science from inventions, to save many lives and costs to society.

In the first two examples, the swift decision by Winston Churchill allowed the maximum benefits from the invention and limited the number of casualties shortening the end of World War II. In the third example, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson who sent Federal Troops to Alabama to protect demonstrators and voters from the wrong-doing of their Governor and Sheriff saved many protestors’ lives who most likely would have been killed in the days to come without Johnson’s intervention.

The urgency to reduce the casualties of the Second World War, and the killing of demonstrators by George Wallace and his Sheriff certainly played a big role in the need to act promptly.

VIII. Urgency to Address the Problem that is Bigger than All Past and Present Wars

Perhaps because premature cancer deaths in the U.S. and in the world is becoming routine, it is not receiving the required attention; however, the staggering number of 450,000 premature cancer deaths of Americans (and 7 million in the world) every year, that since the Second World War totals to a staggering number greater than the sum of all casualties in the world from all wars in the past millennium, should tell us that everyone who becomes aware of the cancer problem and its inconsistencies should act swiftly.

IX. HEP Solution Ignored for 23 Years and an Effective Early Cancer Detection ignored for 15 Years

Following are the facts proving the existence of this problem and the inconsistencies related to particle detection and the implementation of scientific procedures.

  1. The benefits of creating a more powerful tool for experimenters to discover new particles at a lower cost and the benefits of reducing the cancer death rate by over 50% (which is over 200,000 per year in the U.S. and over 3 million per year in the world) can be achieved because:
    1. The existence of the problem in advancing science is recognized with the billion-dollar HEP experiments now discarding their level-1 Trigger system developed these past 20 years as it does not have the capability to execute programmable complex object pattern recognition algorithms on data arriving at one billion events per second at an economical cost for each valid event captured. The existence of the problem of the failure to defeat cancer, the most deadly and costly calamity is recognized because we have known for over 60 years that early detection can save 50% of all cancer deaths and we know of the necessity to develop effective devices for early cancer detection with the capability to extract all possible signals from radiation at the lowest cost per valid signal captured. The ignored Solution: the 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening- See video) available since the year 2000 has all the above characteristics. However, it is ignored, boycotted, and remains unfunded. The cancer problem still exists because in spite of funding billions of dollars on other research, mainly for developing new drugs for late detection which has created a cancer business of over $1.4 Trillion per year $1.4 Trillion per year, the cancer mortality rate during the past 50 years was reduced by only 5%, while for stroke it was reduced by 74%, 64% for heart disease and a 58% reduction of flu and pneumonia. Because there is no significant difference in the mortality rate of countries spending over $800 per person per year on cancer and countries that do not, this proves that the trillion dollars spent every year on cancer is ineffective.
    2. It is essential to find someone who wants to provide the most powerful tool to experimenters in HEP having the capability to discover new particles at the lowest cost of experiments with maximum efficiency. It is essential to find someone who wants to defeat the most deadly and costly calamity, cancer, who relies on experimental results available for over 60 years showing that when cancer is detected at an early stage, the patient has a 50% probability to be cured effectively. Because the solution to both problems depends on advancements in particle detection, someone who wants to achieve both goals must be found among those who fund particle detection (e.g. at CERN where there is the largest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet) and who wants the implementation of scientific, open, public procedures to make the scientific truth for the benefit of humanity prevail.
    3. The inconsistency of rejecting articles, presentations at conferences and funding based on non-scientific criteria stating that one article lacks “scientific novelty”, while hundreds of other articles are approved which are not required to comply with the same criteria, needs to be identified and corrected. For example, denying the value of an invention that greatly improves signal-to-noise ratio in particle detection, that has the capability to execute object pattern recognition algorithms extracting all relevant information from radiation, benefitting many applications in HEP and Medical Imaging, that has been recognized officially and formally by top experts in the field at an international, public scientific review at FERMILAb, that has been recognized valuable by several other public scientific reviews, that has been proven to be technology-independent, feasible and functional in hardware, needs to be reversed. These inconsistencies in science need to be recognized and corrected by implementing public scientific procedures when reviewing articles, abstracts at conferences and the assignment of funding to research projects using taxpayer money.

      Twenty-three years after the invention of the 3D-Flow-OPRT to create a powerful tool for HEP experimenters to discover new particles at a lower cost, and 15 years after the invention of the 3D-CBS for an effective early detection of minimum anomalies of biological processes in human bodies at low radiation and low examination cost (both based on staggering improvements in particle detection), no benefits have been received because they have not been funded.

      Perhaps cancer funding agencies and philanthropists (including doctors, hospitals administrators, healthcare providers, etc.) do not fully understand the value and benefit in diagnosis, prognosis and the monitoring of treatments of diseases by having a 3D-CBS device with the capability to extract all relevant information from radiation at the lowest possible examination cost and radiation dose, or for other reasons.

And perhaps funding agencies for advancing the field of particle detection do not fully understand the benefits that experimenters will receive from a more powerful 3D-Flow-OPRT tool in discovering new particles and reducing the cost of HEP experiments. The 3D-Flow-OPRT invention is clearly superior to the Cabled Logic approach they have used during the past 20 years which was not adequate to satisfy the requirements and they have to discard it. Now they do not try to understand the advantages of the 3D-Flow-OPRT compared to the FPGA approach that is being implemented in the CMS and Atlas upgrade for the next 10 to 15 years because the scientists who receive money from these funding agencies refuse to address this issue in an open, public, workshop, or for other reasons.

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