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XII. Sixteen Hours of Movie Praising “Guesswork” Costing Trillions of Dollars to Control Millions of Variables that No One Still Fully Understands and Ignoring the “Certainty of Results” that Can Be Obtained with a Few Controllable Variables

Recently U.S. National Public Television (PBS, Channel 13 in Dallas) broadcasted a series of three episodes by the title: “ The Emperor of all Maladies” providing an overview of the war on cancer for more than a century with many promises and apparent victories followed by many failures that still leave most of the victims of cancer dead, with the prospective by the World Health Organization in agreement with other major Government agencies and Cancer organizations that the number of cancer deaths will double in the next 20 years.

In 2008, PBS broadcasted “The Truth About Cancer” 116 minutes, Linda Garmon, available on DVD $7.99 and “ Health Matters: Cancer, Heart disease, etc.” 532 minutes available in 5 DVDs for $29.99.

Facts & data show that we are losing the war on cancer. In spite of its global economic cost of over $1.4 Trillion per year, the cancer mortality rate during the past 50 years was reduced by only 5%, while for stroke it was reduced by 74%, 64% for heart disease and a 58% reduction of flu and pneumonia and there is no significant difference in the mortality rate between countries spending over $800 per person per year on cancer and those countries that do not (see more at Section IX.A.i on page 5).

However, despite the fact that we are losing the war on cancer, the recent program “The Emperor of all Maladies” reported making good progress on cancer e.g. by devoting the first 2-hour episode almost exclusively to childhood leukemia which according to them now has a 90% survival rate. In so doing, it gives viewers the impression that cancer is being defeated. However, leukemia accounts for only 4.1% of the total deaths from cancer, costing $500,000 per treatment and the Surveillance Epidemiology End Results (NIH-SEER) reports a 57.2% survival rate, while lung cancer, that accounts for 27.2% of the total cancer deaths, has a survival rate of only 16.8% (see

The following are sentences that I extracted from the first episode “The Emperor of all Maladies” that you can watch in streaming at (or on DVD for $29.99): “Dec. 28, 1947, …Robert [a child] was injected with poison …no one knew what was going to happen, not even the doctors. …radiation is powerless when cancer is spread, …for hundreds of years doctors have searched for a chemical mixture to cure cancer, …chemicals were a little more than a guess, …1948 Robert recovers, …during the following months all children succumbed to cancer, Robert died on April 2, 1949, …Dr. Sydney Faber [one of the most influential scientists on cancer, past President of the American Cancer Society] in 1952 offered a hope for the cure of cancer, Faber engaging in hope and faith, …the new immune system turned against itself, …1950 Faber was making a little progress, …in the end his child always died, he needed an ally, Mary Lasker, a philanthropist became his ally, …Mary Lasker was very vocal but she lost her battle at home on May 30, 1942 when her husband Albert Lasker [owner of the cigarette Company Lucky Strike] died of colon cancer, …Mary needed a scientist to validate her evangelical belief to cure cancer, this person was Dr. Sidney Faber, …1955, tens of thousands of cancer drugs entered the FDA pipeline, …as the drug seemed to work, cancer will develop a defense, …the problem was, resistance, …1962 VAMP trials with four drugs, …they were just experimenting, …Luca died at 6 years old …caused by the drug, …1969, the partnership Government-Science conquered space [man landing on the moon] why should not conquer cancer? …President Nixon in 1971 signed the Healthcare Act to conquer cancer, $1.6 billion to NCI to create an entity based on a promise, …cancer crusade, … President Nixon: “It will not fail because of lack of money, if $100 million for this year will not be enough, we will provide more money.” … Elusive, …the cancer cell, that its true nature no one still fully understood, until that mystery is sorted, victory could never be won ”.

The global strategy in fighting cancer for more than a century is very disheartening. Trillions of dollars have been spent on research where “ no one knew what was going to happen, not even doctors …chemicals were a little more than a guess, …engaging in hope and faith, …ten thousands of drugs entered the FDA pipeline, they were just experimenting, …create an entity based on a promise [not on knowledge, on sound scientific reasoning that can be confirmed experimentally to significantly reduce cancer deaths], …cancer crusade…” without funding research based on precise calculations, logical reasoning in understanding the laws of nature of physics which are more deterministic, easy to predict and prove.

Certainty of results can be obtained by accurately measuring a few controllable variables , but funding innovations that can accurately measure these variables is not provided and the dissemination of these technological breakthrough are even boycotted, oppressed, suppressed.

We have known for over 60 years (confirmed by experimental results) that when cancer is detected at an early stage it can be successfully cured and save 50% of all cancer deaths. However, we do not have effective drugs to cure the majority of late stage cancers (these very expensive drugs on average prolong the patient’s life for a few months when cancer is detected at an advanced stage).

What is needed to save many lives, therefore, is an effective early cancer detection because we have already the means (surgery, radiation therapy, drugs, etc.) to cure cancer if it is detected at an early stage.

The logical investigation is to look at the best signals provided by the mutation of the very first normal cells into cancerous cells and accurately detect those signals to obtain an effective early detection.

Among changes in odor, temperature, tissue conductivity, density, fluorescence, etc., caused by the start of the development of cancer, the most reliable is a change in metabolism because cancer cells are growing faster than normal cells and consume from 5 to 70 times more nutrient than cancer cells. Associating a radioisotope emitting 511 keV photons in opposite directions to a molecule of nutrient (Oxygen-15, Ammonia, C-11, Glucose FDG, Rubidium-82, etc.) and accurately measuring the impact point of the photons in the detector (particle detection), gives us the possibility to track the minimum abnormal consumption of nutrient from body cells in different organs and parts of the body. Measuring a few of these variables (changes in tissue density, fluorescence, etc.) can further improve the certainty of results, and for this reason we have multimodality instrumentations (PET/CT, PET/MRI, PET/Ultrasound, etc.), blood tests and ultimately the biopsy to look at the cells’ structures through a microscope.

Because the most important variables that need to be measured in a non-invasive test that can be extended to a large population at a low radiation dose and low examination cost depend on accurately extracting and measuring all the relevant information for specific modality (511 keV for PET, 140 keV for SPECT, 60 keV for CT, etc.) from the many signals generated from radiation, it is necessary to address improvements and techniques in particle detection.

The measurements of the few characteristics (or variables) of these photons are controllable. They are: photon’s total energy, arrival time, coordinates of the impact point in the detector, high signal-to-noise ratio and the capability to capture as many signals as possible at a very high input data rate and filtering them from the many other signals from radiation.

Inventions (the 3D-CBS, “3-D Complete Body Screening” and the MR/3D-CBS) and new techniques can improve measurements of each of the above variables. Calculations and logical reasoning can predict the advantages from each new technique. I trust that a scientist will recognize and explain research in physics where the variables are limited, and calculations and logical reasoning can predict with high accuracy the expected results of an invention designed to solve technical problems. Whereas in the field of medicine, because our body is very complex, what was stated at the end of the movie that “ the true nature of a body cell no one fully understood” is true, as the variables in the body are thousands or even millions, difficult if not impossible to control; this allows scientists to make only a “guess” rather than estimate results with any accuracy.

Excerpt from Crosetto’s letter dated May 5, 2015, to update his former leader at the SSC about his activity.

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