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warcancerI trust that this time we will set rules that are fair and acceptable to everyone (researchers, philanthropists, funding agencies and investors) that maximize financial and health benefits to taxpayers and cancer patients by providing the world and our children with a list of projects answering these five simple questions that will protect their ingenuity.

Click here for this post in pdf formatMarch 12, 2016

Dear President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, Dr. Jim Siegrist, Dr. Patricia Dehmer, Dr. Cherry Murray, Dr. Ernest Moniz, Dr. Anne Lubenow, Dr. Douglas Lowy, Dr. Francis Collins, members of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force and all experts in particle physics, medical imaging and administrators from the thirteen Government Agencies involved in the Cancer Moonshot project,


As discussed in the email dated March 4, 2016, I fully embrace the mission and objective to defeat cancer once and for all and to make sure there is no misunderstanding that we are serving our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, loved ones and future generations. We should report our plan to reduce cancer deaths and costs to them in a language they understand and not just to big corporations, scientists or experts in the field.


Because we love our children we will not trick them, cheat them, deceive them or take advantage of their inexperience, showing we are smarter with more experience and therefore do as we please, but instead we will set rules to hold us accountable to them, protect their ingenuity and leave no room for others to deceive them.


I would humbly and respectfully suggest that everyone continue to try to explain to their children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, etc., from 12 to 18 years of age what the #CancerMoonShotForOurChildren is, his/her work, commitment, how this program differs from the many other campaigns launched in the past that did not reach their target, and verify what they understood, sharing their questions and concerns in the social media. As it stands, we are now at 8.2 million cancer deaths per year (7 million premature) and increasing if we do not come up with an effective solution.

I trust that this time we will set rules that are fair and acceptable to everyone (researchers, philanthropists, funding agencies and investors) that maximize financial and health benefits to taxpayers and cancer patients by providing the world and our children with a list of projects answering these simple questions that will protect their ingenuity:

  1. What is the estimated percentage reduction of cancer deaths on a sample population that the project (stand alone or combined with other existing projects/procedures) expects to attain 6 years and 10 years from funding, when tested on a sample population of minimum 10,000 people aged 55-74 taken from a location where the mortality rate has been constant for the past 20 years?
  2. What is the cost to develop the tools (for example: the drug, vaccine, screening device, etc.)?
  3. When is the project estimated to deliver the first results in reduction of cancer deaths that can be measured with the test procedure described in item 1?
  4. What would be the operating costs (costs to the consumer of the drug, vaccine, screening examination, healthy food or lifestyle, etc.) and how would they compare with the current costs for each life saved from cancer?
  5. Where is the link on the web supporting analytical, scientific evidence of the above claims? And is the Principal Investigator (P.I.) available to answer questions, defend his/her claims in a public debate with other P.I.s claiming high reduction in cancer deaths and cost?

The challenge will be to explain all this in simple terms that a 12 to 18 year old adolescent can understand; it will eventually boil down to a table with 6 columns and many rows displaying each proposed project, easy for everyone to understand.

Here are Crosetto’s answers to the above 5 questions for his breakthrough 3D-CBS invention (3-D Complete Body Screening) that can be compared to all other projects:

  1. The proposal is to build three 3D-CBS units, 400 times more efficient than current PET, requiring 1/100 the current radiation dose, and screen for cancer with a single 4-minute examination covering all organs of the body, 10,000 people per device per year in the age group 55 to 74 taken form three different locations where, in the previous 20 years, the mortality rate has been constant.  Based on the increased efficiency and the analytical and scientific evidence, a 33% reduction of cancer deaths is expected 6 years from funding, and 50% in ten years.
  2. The cost to develop and build three 3D-CBS devices to test 30,000 people per year is approximately $20 million for the three devices.
  3. First results in reduction in cancer deaths are expected to be available three years from funding.
  4. The operation cost of the 3D-CBS device for one screening examination is estimated to be approximately $400 per exam and reduce healthcare costs by over 50% by providing an effective replacement of several cancer screening exams (mammogram, colonoscopy, PSA, PAP-Test, etc.).
  5. The supporting analytical and scientific evidence to Crosetto’s breakthrough inventions are described in the 271-page version containing non-confidential information at: which is an excerpt from the 413-page full proposal to develop the basic components for several applications. The feasibility of these components are supported by 59 quotes from several reputable companies. Crosetto presented the basic invention to experts from academia, industry and major research centers in the world who recognized the value of his invention and is available to defend publicly his claims before any scientific debate.  The benefits of his inventions in reducing cancer deaths are irrefutable and easy to understand from the following analytical and logical thinking. Over 70 years of experimental data show that we do not have a cure for late detection of cancer (at best, life is prolonged in average 2 to 3 months) while the cure (or treatment) when cancer is detected at an early stage exists, is effective and can save over 50% of lives. What is missing is an effective tool for early cancer detection. The best techniques to detect signals showing the mutation of normal cells into cancerous cells are based on radiation. Crosetto invented a technique the 3D-Flow OPRA that extracts all valuable information from radiation. He solved a problem that thousands of scientists from prestigious world laboratories have sought for 20 years. In medical imaging his 3D-CBS technology that is using the 3D-Flow OPRA, can capture more accurately 1 out of 25 signals at a lower cost per each valid signal captured compared to 1 out of 10,000 captured by the over 6,000 PET devices currently in use. This huge increase in efficiency creates a revolution in the field enabling an effective early detection of cancer and many other diseases with a low radiation dose at a low examination cost that was unimaginable before his inventions and also provides advantages in other devices such as X-Ray, CT scan, and SPECT to help physicians improve diagnoses, prognoses and the efficient monitoring of treatments.


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Subject: RE: #CancerMoonShotForOurChildren. A procedure that maximizes financial and health benefits to taxpayers and cancer patients that is fair and acceptable to all parties (researchers, philanthropists, funding agencies, investors).

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