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Dear President Obama,

Add your name to tell scientists handling taxpayer money to do their job.  

Tell them to distribute funds for cancer research after they implement public, transparent procedures based on calculations, analytical and scientific evidence, objective data-driven analysis, and not distributing taxpayer money to a circle of friends behind closed doors. 

It has come to my attention that scientists who assign taxpayer money to fund research projects refuse to implement procedures that would give a fair hearing to all applicants by addressing issues analytically and scientifically, allowing them to question each other. They assign funds in closed door meetings ignoring cost-effective technologies and crushing innovations. 

Today 1,600 additional Americans will die from cancer. It’s been 239 days since DOE officials promised an analytical and scientific hearing with the inventor of a breakthrough life-saving technology and DOE experts in particle detection who handle taxpayer money. 

And it’s been 7,317 days since NIH received a letter from the inventor showing why the explanation given by reviewers for rejecting his claim was incorrect). 

His invention was discussed with top experts in the field in a major scientific review at FERMILab, as requested by the Director of the Superconducting Super Collider and the Director of FERMI National Laboratory in 1993, who found his invention valuable.  However, they did not have the funds needed to fund it to completion. 

Many of the 158,047,200 who died from cancer in the world-(11,707,200 were Americans) could have been saved with an invention providing effective early detection if NIH had granted an analytical and scientific hearing. 


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