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This man had the COURAGE to stand up FOR WHAT IS RIGHT on June 5, 1989, at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China in DEFENSE of a few thousand people who died and to send a message that everyone should stand up AGAINST OPPRESSION


Do you have the COURAGE to stand up FOR WHAT IS RIGHT? To STAND UP for TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE? To DEFEND the interests of:

  1. The 6.5 million people who die every year from cancer, when for 68 years we have known that >50% die needlessly because they could be saved with an effective EARLY CANCER DETECTION?
  2. Taxpayers who receive almost no benefit in cancer death rate reduction, whose rate of cancer death is the same as in countries that do not bear this cost, thus proving their money is wasted? (A cancer cost of over $800 per year per person, whether they have cancer or not. $268 billion per year for the U.S.; $1.4 trillion per year in the world, 100 fold treatment increase in 50 years).
  3. The millions of people who trust and pay researchers to comply with the ethics of science to advance science and find solutions to the most deadly and costly calamities, but who deceive them by not implementing open, public scientific procedures to make the scientific truth for the benefit of mankind prevail?

Support Crosetto’s request for TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE, for two public workshops at the IEEE-NSS-MIC conference to be held in November 2014, where senior scientists, young scientists and PhD students can discuss their solutions to problems, ask each other questions, and everyone is requested to estimate their results in finding new particles and the percentage of reduction in cancer deaths and cost they expect their project to attain on a sample population. These public workshops need to be broadcasted live so everyone can judge who is competent and who is honest in complying with the ethics of science.

If dishonest scientists refuse to implement open, public, scientific procedures, write your Representative and Senator asking them to stop funding these scientists and research centers that are not being transparent to the public. Read more at

General Motors (GM) LIED




The engineers at GM tried in vain for 13 years to alert GM management about flaws in their product including the ignition switches, which led to GM’s criminal investigation. They were not looking to be applauded or recognized The engineers complied with their professional ethics, trying to shine light on a life-threatening design flaw. The dishonest management was aware and chose to let people die for a little more profit.





Crosetto alerted leaders in particle detection for 22 years that their Level-1 Trigger approach was flawed, and for 14 years alerted leaders in healthcare that their approach to reduce cancer deaths and cost was flawed. He didn’t want to be applauded or recognized. He complied with his professional ethics, trying to shine light on inventions that could save billions of dollars and millions of lives. The dishonest management in science was aware and chose to waste billions of dollars and let people die for more power and profit. Many people considered the action of the man legally standing on the zebra crossing before the tanks as foolish; will you consider Crosetto’s legal, legitimate request for he and other authors to be able to ask questions aimed at maximizing the reduction of the cancer death rate and cost in a public forum such as the IEEE conference as foolish? Or will you read the words spoken by CERN Director of Research and the denial for transparency in science by the chairmen of the IEEE conference and STAND UP for TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE by supporting Crosetto’s initiative? Will you STICK OUT YOUR NECK FOR WHAT IS RIGHT and disseminate this information, write to scientists who hold positions of responsibility, write to your representatives handling your money, and to the media outlets who promise to provide information in your interest?


• The 3D-Flow Technology-Independent invention was formally recognized in 1993 enabling “Object Pattern Recognition Technique (OPRT)” at Level-1 Trigger for particle detection, such as at CERN LHC.

3D-flow was dismissed for the “Threshold Technique” (TT) that wasted $50 billion and 20 years of work by 10,000 scientists.

• In 2013 CERN scientists admitted that detectors Level-1 Trigger TT needed to be replaced with OPRT during the LHC upgrade.

• 3D-flow dismissed again for less powerful, more costly “FPGA OPRT” that will waste an additional $30 billion over next 10 years.


Current_PET_vs_3D-CBS_1• The 3D-CBS invention was demonstrated feasible in 2000, the concept proven functional in hardware in 2001, yet it never received funding to build a full unit.

• Reviewers who 14 years ago objected to Crosetto’s calculations and claims of low radiation and high efficiency and rejected his articles, proposals and funding, now implicitly admit his calculations and claims were correct with the proposed EXPLORER device similar to the 3D-CBS but 10 times more expensive.

• In the 14 years since 3D-CBS was rejected, many of the 100 million people who lost their lives to cancer could have been saved had 3D-CBS, a cost-effective, early cancer detection device, been funded. Who are responsible for their deaths?

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