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Please can anyone of the 400,000 IEEE members provide an answer consistent with science of how two instruments can provide different measurements of one phenomenon in nature? Crosetto asked this question at the 2014 IEEE-NSS-MIC Conference but the microphone was taken away from him.

In 2014, Crosetto was prevented by the Chairman of the IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD conference from asking a legitimate question to the NSS keynote speaker regarding the discrepancy between CMS 125.3 GeV and Atlas 126.5 GeV measurement of the energy of the announced Higgs boson-like particle that was published.

After the event, Crosetto asked the Chairman why he had stopped him from addressing this issue with the keynote speaker. The Chairman replied it was because Crosetto was wrong to question the accuracy of CMS and Atlas billion dollar instruments.

He stated that CMS and Atlas measurements are very accurate and that they have taken extensive measurements. He stated that even the same instrument may give different measurements when performed at different times because differences in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, tides caused by the moon, etc., can make a 15-digit decimal point difference.

Crosetto agreed with the Chairman, but said CMS at 125.3 GeV and Atlas at 126.5 GeV have a 0.91% difference in their measurements, which is 100 trillion times greater than the error the Chairman indicated of 0.00000000000000091%. At that point, instead of resolving the issue based on the evidence of the calculations, the Chairman ran away with the excuse that he had important things to do.

The following year ALL Crosetto’s papers were again rejected as you can see on page 245 of Crosetto’s proposal with claims of “propaganda” but refusing to discuss his equations, calculations, and scientific evidence that would demonstrate the solid scientific evidence which is not propaganda.

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