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Dear Eric, President, Vice-President, and leaders responsible for our future, Eric, I am for a world of REASON and agree with you that “we canNOT settle for more of the same partisan nonsense” Nor for the following NONSENSE from people wasting our money and depriving humanity from the benefits of innovations. We should work together for the well-being of all of us. The way of life can be free and beautiful, we can make this life free and beautiful, we can make this life a wonderful adventure but we all need to take responsibility to eliminate “nonsense” for a world of REASON and respect of each other.I know that it is hard to believe the following “nonsense”, however, when it is said and proven by the same author, Wesley Smith who is providing us the proofs of the “nonsense”, why the media are not reporting these facts to stop this nonsense of Glen Crawford, DOE Director of Research and Technology from continuing on this scam to all of us, while he is eliminating the competition from funding inventions by blocking my email to DOE?


Here are the facts said by Wesley Smith that everyone, in particular the media and the investigative journalists should report to the public:


Wesley Smith tells us in his curriculum vitae from page 12 to 16 that he received over $50 million from DOE to build the CMS Level-1 Trigger. This unit did not work and he continue to receive $4.2 million in 2016 even if what he does is not working and he is driving into the ditch thousands of other scientists who additionally spend well over $50 million for his monster Level-1 Trigger.


Smith during the past 20 years tells us all about his monster Level-1 Trigger made of 4,000 data processing boards housed in over 400 crates. He provides us the drawing, in official CERN documents and in slides he presents, about the room approximately 22m x 16m where his electronics is located.


It is not a secret to say that Smith’s Level-1 Trigger was a waste of money, did not work and had to be trashed. This is confirmed by the 40 Higgs-like boson events (out of 100,000 generated by the LHC machine) announced on July 4, 2012 that were not found for the merit of the over $100 million Smith’s Level-1 Trigger. The fact that it was trashed is not a secret because Smith’s colleagues, including C. Lazaridis from the same University where is working Smith presented an article on June 6, 2016,  at the Real-Time conference stating in the first page that the 4,000 data processing boards of the Legacy Trigger (meaning Smith’s Trigger) were replaced by 100 data processing boards. They made clear the difference in two slides comparing the 4,000 boards Legacy Trigger with their new 100 data processing boards.


Smith’s himself, driven from an exceptional ambition to be in the history book for discovering the Higgs-like boson, despite he wasted over $100 million of taxpayer money, drove thousands of scientists in the wrong direction in a ditch, he proudly stated in his biographical sketch that he selected manually out of thousands of trillion events those that contained the Higgs-like boson particle: “He [Smith] was responsible for the selection of all of the data producing the recently announced discovery of a Higgs-like boson by CMS and also used for over 300 publications.”  Why DOE, NSF and other funding agencies gave over $50 million to Wesley Smith to build an electronic unit to select Higgs-like boson events if he could find those manually out of thousands of trillion of events? They could have given the manual task to Smith saving all that money.


Investigations will revealed how Smith in complicity with his friends such as DOE Director of Research and Technology, Glen Crawford managed to deceive scientists and the public for so long. Crawford and his predecessors in his office gave the money to Smith and crushed the competition of my 3D-Flow OPRA that could replace his 4000 boards housed in 700 million cubic cm and the recent 100 boards with the 3D-Flow OPRA made of 9 boards in a 36 cm cube providing staggering performance improvements.  Crawford, or someone at DOE managed to wipe out from the DOE records (as it was confirmed in writing by DOE FOIA) my official submission of my proposal and the comments by the reviewers that was requested by Dr. Jim Siegrist, Director of the office of High Energy Physics at DOE.


Eric, President Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, leaders of the world, investigative journalists and everyone how can we accept this “nonsense” damaging all of us for our money wasted and being deprived from the benefit of inventions?  Please read the details (an excerpt from the full document at the Google Drive) at the end of the 7 questions.




During the past months I am receiving an average of eight emails per day from DNC, President Obama, his wife, Vice-President Biden, Donna Brazile, or others. I am respectful to you and the people you represent that you are able to express your ideas sending millions of emails more than eight times a day. I am respectful to people who express and send ideas opposite to yours such as “Free Bacon” and others or to the New York Times for informing us about the More Than 150 Republican Leaders Don’t Support Donald Trump, comforting us with an example that shows a world of REASON in a civil country is more important than a party line.


I respectfully ask the recipient of this email not to take any action that would be harmful to taxpayers, cancer patients or to the advancement in science by silencing the following legitimate questions. Also, I am asking people who filter SPAM on the internet not to filter this message which is not SPAM since they do not filter thousands of messages sent by the leaders listed above to millions of people 8 times a day. There may be reports by some who do not like the messages who want to shut them down, but these negative reports are not censuring and/or silencing the freedom of expression.


This is the beauty of a civilized democratic country; let’s not have these rights of freedom of expression of ideas and innovations taken away by people with personal interests who take taxpayer and donation money allocated for research, break the ethics of a scientist, without going through a public scientific procedure of a fair competition, who are pursuing instead their and their friends greed for power and money to the detriment of taxpayers, cancer patients and humanity.  Here are the questions for which citizens of a civilized, democratic country should be receiving the answer for a world of REASON/SCIENCE:


1.       Why did the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) give $4.2 million of taxpayer money in 2016 to Wesley Smith after he wasted over $50 million building hundreds of crates with 4,000 electronic data processing board of the CMS Level-1 Trigger systems costing over $100 million which did not work and had to be trashed knowing that it can be replaced with one 3D-Flow OPRA crate at 1/1000 the cost with staggering performance improvements?


2.       Why did the U.S. National Institutes of Health give $3,314,184 of taxpayer money in 2016 (out of $15.5 million, $3,054,873 delivered in 2015) to the team of the Explorer project  made of 491,520 expensive LYSO crystals, 12 crates with 120 data processing boards and 6 racks of computer processing 40 TB data acquired and stored on hard drives every day for a total power consumption of 60 kW, which cannot save many lives because it cannot acquire and process 40,000 TB data per day, knowing that the 3D-CBS device can make a paradigm change in molecular imaging because it has the capability to acquire and process over 40,000 TB data each day, using one 3D-Flow OPRA VME crate for a total power consumption of the entire system of only 4 Kw, at less than 1/10 the cost of the Explorer? Why, knowing that the 3D-CBS could have saved millions of lives with an effective early cancer detection, reduce radiation dose to less than 1/50, reduce healthcare costs and these results can be proven on a sample population, has it not been funded?


3.       Why, after informing President Obama that more than one year after having proof that Glen Crawford, Director of Research and Technology at DOE is not doing his job and five months after his 8-line email incriminating himself with statements in violation of DOE rules and contradicting his own statements, does he still hold the same position and continues to waste taxpayer money and be the internal arm of a circle of friends of corrupted scientists? Why, after Crosetto notified the DOE FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) agent by phone about this document published at proving that Crawford ordered DOE Security to block Crosetto’s messages to all DOE employees, including the Secretary of Energy, FOIA and OHA so he and his group (e.g. Helmut Marsiske) could continue to give millions of dollars to Wesley Smith and others without accountability is illegal and an abuse of power, Crosetto cannot send these facts to DOE?


4.       Why, after Informing President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden that Michael Laurer, Director of the Extramural Research at the National Institute of Health, does not want to hear Crosetto’s inventions, does not want to organize a public scientific review of the 3D-CBS because he believes this would not be fair to all scientists, but does not give the same importance to be fair to the public or to serve the President and Vice-President who promise to give the public the greatest benefits for their tax-dollars, no action is taken depriving instead taxpayers from the benefits from innovations that would emerge from a fair scientific competition?  Why, after proving in this document that the $15.5 million given to the Explorer project is a waste of money because the 3D-CBS can acquire and process over 40,000 TB data in one day providing an effective early cancer detection and a much more powerful research tool at less than 1/10 the cost, does Laurer not respond to hear about Crosetto’s invention, organize a scientific review or consider resigning if he is being impeded from doing his job by someone, instead of complying with the ethics of a scientist and do what it is best for taxpayers?


5.       Why, 5 days after Crosetto explained the reason of the great damage to the advancement in science and benefit to humanity for the rejection of his papers and providing facts proving reviewers of this year as well as previous years were either incompetent or did not tell the truth because facts and documents refute reviewers claims that they did not know about Crosetto’s work, do leaders of the Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference in Strasbourg which starts on-site registration today, still not respond to let Crosetto know if he can present his inventions for the benefit of humanity at the Conference or if they will consider resigning if they are being impeded from doing their job by someone, instead of complying with the ethics of a scientist and do what it is best for taxpayers?


6.       Why, 5 days after Crosetto informed the Presidents and board of Directors of IEEE, the world’s 400,000 member largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity, that facts show that the organizers of the 2016 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference in Strasbourg which starts on-site registration today, have rejected three papers regarding innovations proving to replace hundreds of crates of electronics with one crate at 1/1000 the cost and provide staggering performance improvement that has  been proven feasible by 59 quotes from reputable industries, still do not respond about the logic and compliance with the scientific integrity that would call for IEEE to disassociate itself from the Strasbourg’s conference organizers who are contrary to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity, and remove its endorsement of the conference.


7.       Why, a) after Crosetto and two friends drove to Davos, Switzerland, to hand-deliver a letter containing Crosetto’s 271-page proposal and 155-page report of 59 quotes from reputable industries to Vice-President Joe Biden who organized a forum among scientists of the Cancer Moonshot task force, b) after Crosetto sent an additional copy of the proposal to the physical address provided by Ms. Brazile who Crosetto met at an event at the University of Arlington in Texas, and c) after Mr. Charles Conner, a veteran who worked for Lyndon B. Johnson from 1959 to 1964, wrote a personal letter to Vice-President Joe Biden asking him to address the specific items in Crosetto’s letter, clear out bureaucratic hurdles and have Crosetto be part of the Task Force to defeat cancer, did Mr. Conner not receive a reply, the specific items in Crosetto’s letter were not addressed, and Crosetto was not included in the Task Force to defeat cancer?


161,808,200 people have died from cancer since Crosetto’s invention was crushed (11,987,200 were Americans), many of them could have been saved with his 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening) technology and hundreds of millions of dollars of tax-payer money could have been saved in High Energy Physics experiments, while providing a very powerful tool to discover new subatomic particles and advance science in different fields. This needless loss of lives, waste of taxpayer money, and loss of advancement in science calls for the reform of the peer-review process to be independent from money and politics as expressed by the National Academy of Science


Mr. Walker, leaders and journalists we can’t do this without you, please respond to this message to implement a world of REASON, in particular to defeat cancer.


Mr. Walker, this can work also to defeat the most deadly and costly calamity, cancer. It is not sufficient to send a one-time email, but it is necessary to send millions of emails, eight times a day, every day for several months so that the scientific truth for the benefits of humanity emerge and cancer is defeated once and for all.


Thank you.








From: []

Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2016 7:36 AM

To: Dario Crosetto <>

Subject: Counting on Dario so we can go all-in


Dario —


In 2009 and 2010, the 111th Congress was the most productive legislative session since the mid-1960s. They passed, and President Obama signed into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the Recovery Act, Wall Street Reform, the rescue of the auto industry, new consumer protections, the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and a little bill you might have heard of called the Affordable Care Act.


Since then, Congress has gotten less and less effective — and done less for the American people.


So what changed? Well, in 2009 and 2010, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress as well as the White House. Once Republicans took over the House and then the Senate, their focus shifted almost exclusively to obstructing President Obama’s agenda. They have held vote after vote to repeal Obamacare, filed lawsuits against the President, even talked about impeachment — and shut down the government in 2013.


If Hillary Clinton becomes president, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have given every indication that they’ll treat her the same way they’ve treated President Obama.


So we have two choices, Dario: we can settle for more of the same partisan nonsense and obstruction that Republicans have been carrying out for the past few years, or we can fight our hearts out to win back our majorities in Congress and give Hillary a Congress that will work with her.


The House and Senate are within reach — really. But we can’t get there unless we go all-in. Can we count on you?





Eric Walker

Deputy Communications Director

Democratic National Committee


[See this document at:   or at the Google Drive]


Respectfully bringing to your attention facts proving that:


Innovations saving millions of lives and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are suppressed and its inventor threatened to involve security instead of providing scientific and economic reasons why hundreds of chasses of electronics that do not provide a powerful tool to save lives and to discover new subatomic particles are funded knowing that breakthrough 3D-Flow and 3D-CBS inventions proven feasible by 59 quotes from reputable industries can replace them in one chassis at a fraction of the cost providing a staggering performance improvement.


Hundreds of millions of taxpayer and donation dollars are being wasted and millions of lives are being needlessly lost from cancer because innovations are suppressed by a flawed peer-review process and funding agencies are complicit with scientists who do not have scientific integrity and break their professional ethics instead of making them accountable.


The value of Crosetto’s inventions have been recognized and endorsed by hundreds of scientists, the concepts have been proven feasible and functional in hardware, providing staggering performance improvements as confirmed in a public scientific review held at FERMILAB in December 1993, where Crosetto answered objections from other scientists. Recently it was  proven feasible by 59 quotes from reputable industries to replace hundreds of crates of electronics with one crate at 1/1000 the cost.


Excerpt from the full document available at the Google Drive:


A.     Smith’s ambition is killing science, wasting taxpayer money, crushing innovations depriving humanity of benefits.

Wesley Smith had the ambition to be remembered in history for the discovery of the “God particle”, (the theorized Higgs boson). His ambition made him the leader of the Level-1 Trigger of the half-billion dollar SDC experiment at the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) in Texas. After the U.S. congress terminated the SSC in 1993, he became leader of the Trigger at the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider, the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet, at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. The Level-1 Trigger is the crucial electronic decision unit that must analyze billions of collisions (objects) per second from millions of frames per second and decide to store only the frames that confirm or rule out the existence of the Higgs boson, because it is not possible to store all this data as it would fill all hard drives of the planet in one day.  If the Level-1 Trigger was not able to select the frames with valuable data, the other billions dollar LHC apparatus and thousands of scientists would be capturing and analyzing mostly garbage data.


Despite Crosetto’s breakthrough invention, Digital Programmable Level-1 Trigger with 3D-Flow Assembly, being recognized and endorsed by hundreds of scientists (51-55 & 75-83) and the panel of experts at the formal, official, public, transparent scientific review on December 14, 1993 (56-74), Smith wrote that programmability was not necessary at the Level-1 Trigger. Instead of competing like athletes at the Olympic showing publicly their superior skill and Smith showing the merit of his Level-1 Trigger compared to Crosetto 3D-Flow invention, he worked with his circle of friends to destroy as an adversary Crosetto’s invention.


In science the common “adversary” is understanding the laws of nature that enables us to reduce the economic burden, the suffering and the loss of young lives. Scientists should work together to reduce the cost of physics experiments to reduce the burden to taxpayers and provide more powerful tools enabling the discovery of new particles to advance in science that would provide benefits to taxpayers and not boycott, crush inventions of a colleagues to impose a more expensive and less efficient approach dictated from personal ambition, interests or agenda.


After Crosetto received his first million-dollar grant from the U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) in 1995-1998, he developed software tools (simulator, assembler, test vectors, etc.) proving feasibility of his technology-independent 3D-Flow invention in four hardware platforms (three in FPGAs and one in 350 nm cell/gate array), the money was not provided to translate the design into silicon 350 nm cell/gate array that was necessary to achieve good cost-effective performance in HEP and Medical Imaging applications. However, later the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2002, the NIH on 8/1/2002, 3/31/2003, 7/31/2003 and the DOE on 1/13/2003 even rejected funding Crosetto’s $100,000 proposals to build the proof of concept in FPGA hardware or any other component of the advanced PET system such as A/D and DAQ boards. Crosetto therefore had to spend his own money to prove his invention was feasible and functional in FPGA hardware.


Wesley Smith as Chairman, together with Co-Chairman Peter Sharp prevented Crosetto from presenting his results at the 1999 Workshop on Electronics for LHC experiment at Snowmass, Colorado, although Crosetto’s results were found valuable and published in a 45-page article in the peer-review journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research vol. A 436 -1999- pp. 341-385. This article did not bring funding because the decision as to which trigger would be adopted for the LHC experiments (and therefore would present a stronger case to receive funding) was made at this 1999 Snowmass workshop. By preventing Crosetto from presenting at the Snowmass workshop, Wesley Smith and Peter Sharp deliberately removed the competition having known superior skills in order to win. Smith has since copied many of Crosetto’s ideas without acknowledgement and recanted several non-scientific statements, such as the one said to Crosetto that programmability is not necessary at the Level-1 Trigger. It is like an athlete with known skill superior to all other athletes who is boycotted to participate to the Olympics by the competitor who is going to lose the competition if the athlete with superior skill will participate.


Colleagues encouraged Crosetto to submit a paper showing side-by-side the differences and advantages of his technology compared to others. He subsequently presented a paper at the 1999 IEEE-NSS-MIC conference showing side by side in Figure 5 and Figure 6 the advantages of the orderly backplane connections of his 3D-Flow system compared to the spaghetti connections of Smith’s Level-1 Trigger system. Although IEEE senior scientists intervened in defense of a fair review to make scientific merit prevail, and despite having the majority of the reviewers approve Crosetto’s paper for publication in Transaction in Nuclear Science, the paper was never published because two anonymous reviewers claimed (without providing scientific reasons) that the 3D-Flow was flawed (instead it was simulated and proven in hardware not to be flawed).


After the year 2000 all of Crosetto’s papers have been rejected at the IEEE-NSS-MIC conferences, except when Ralph James was the General Chairman of the 2003 IEEE-NSS-MIC conference when all Crosetto’s papers were approved, and in 2013 when James was Chairman of the IEEE-RTSD and one of his papers was approved. In 2008, IEEE-NSS-MIC General Chairman Uwe Bratzler noticed the unfair, unjust and non-scientific procedure rejecting Crosetto’s papers the previous years and insisted that Crosetto resubmit his papers promising that his reviewers would provide a scientific reason in the event of rejection. When Crosetto’s papers were rejected, Bratzler’s attempts to receive scientific reasons from his reviewers, and his effort to setup a forum to discuss the different ideas with the experts in the field failed.


Wesley Smith, his circle of friends and an internal agent at the DOE government agency acted as an internal arm to implement his corrupted plan against advancement in science and was able to secure $50 million of taxpayer money for his Level-1 Trigger (See from page 12 to 16 of Smith’s curriculum vitae which lists grants totaling approximately $50 million received from DOE with Shidhart Dasu, Don Reed and Matt Herndon. $4.2 million in 2016, $3.18 million in 2015, $2.8 million in 2014, $3.38 million in 2013, $4.1 million in 2012…). He was also able to drag into the ditch other scientists into convincing their funding agencies in other countries participating at the CMS LHC project to chip in a sum even greater than $50 million to build a Level-1 Trigger made of 4,000 electronic data processing boards and over 40 computers running 200 processes which did not work and had to be trashed.


Smith has been in several Panels deciding the future of (his) High Energy Physics. For example you can read at page 6 of his curriculum vitae that he was the “Panel Member, DOE National Laboratory Energy Frontier Program Review in 2015”. While in 2016 was the “US CMS HL-LHC Calorimeter Trigger Upgrade Project Manager,… Panel Member, DOE Comparative Review of HEP supported National Laboratory Detector Research and Development, … Panel Member and Reviewer, Canada Foundation for Innovation, …Referee, Journal of High Energy Physics


Smith’s work did not go through a public, open, scientific review like Crosetto’s public scientific review held at FERMILAB in December 1993, and neither did he provide scientific answers to the colleagues who pointed out potential flaws and limitations in his system, however, these evaluations and judgements of Smith’s work and ideas became unavoidable when experimental results proved the failure of his Level-1 Trigger system and then judgements also arrived from his peers. The 40 Higgs-like boson announced by CMS on July 4, 2012, were selected through analysis of trillions of events (frames) captured casually and not for merit of the Level-1 Trigger that did not work and missed all 100,000 Higgs-like boson particles generated by the LHC Collider (The Nobel Prize should have been assigned to the people who built the LHC Collider that worked). It is scientific irresponsibility to build a 4,000 electronic boards Level-1 Trigger system costing over $100 million without thinking to build a data recorder costing $50,000 as Crosetto designed in his proposal to DOE (pp. 149-153 & 162-170), recording real-data from the LHC apparatus and playing them back testing the Level-1 Trigger on a test bench before installing it on site at CERN. This test would further prove that Smith’s money was wasted.

His work also received judgement from his colleagues (including C. Lazaridis from his University of Madison, WI) on the first page of the article presented at the Real-Time conference on June 6, 2016, where it states that Smith’s 4,000 electronic data processing boards were replaced on February 26, 2016, with a 100 board SWATCH system and added: “The legacy trigger [Smith] was organised into subsystems. Only a small fraction of the control and monitoring software was common between the different subsystems; the configuration data was stored in a database, with a different schema for each subsystem. This large proportion of subsystem-specific software resulted in high long-term maintenance costs, and a high risk of losing critical knowledge through the turnover of software developers in the Level-1 trigger project. … So, the Level-1 trigger system has been upgraded during 2015 and early 2016, in order to improve its efficiency for searches and precision measurements, compared with the previous run.”


Wesley Smith might have wasted over hundred million dollars of taxpayer money, wasted the time of thousands of scientists in the world, stepped on science, crushed innovations, deprived humanity of benefits but he achieved his ambition as he proudly stated in his biographical sketch: “He was responsible for the selection of all of the data producing the recently announced discovery of a Higgs-like boson by CMS and also used for over 300 publications.” This is an inconceivable claim from a scientist whose ambition does not stop before results showing evidence of a failure.


Since his $100 million instrument did not work as there was no systematic, coherent way to select events containing the subatomic particle physicists were seeking, nor did he build an instrument showing reproducibility of events that he was seeking, Smith used the electronics of the data acquisition designed and built by others that stored casually trillions of events and then the words used in his biographical sketch is like stating that he personally and manually selected “all of the data producing the recently announced discovery of the Higgs-like boson by CMS and also used for over 300 publications”.


If DOE, NSF and other funding agencies would have known this personal skill of Smith in selecting Higgs-like boson events out of trillions of events, they could have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in building electronics that did not work and just give Wesley Smith the task to personally and manually select the Higgs-like boson particles because:


«Wesley Smith “IS” the Trigger».


Although Smith got what he wanted, one thing must change after revealing these facts: the books reporting the History of the Higgs boson. And perhaps it would be prudent for other scientists to question the scientific integrity of Mr. Smith and double check his method of selecting personally and manually all of the data producing the over 300 publications on the Higgs boson.


Nevertheless, Smith continues to receive between 3 and 4 million dollars every year from DOE, NSF, etc. as he reports on pages 12 to 15 in his curriculum vitae ($4.2 million in 2016, $3.18 million in 2015, $2.8 million in 2014, $3.38 million in 2013, $4.1 million in 2012…), while all Crosetto’s  three abstracts/summaries papers submitted to 2016 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD conference were rejected for no scientific reason as turned out to be clear from the responses Crosetto provided to the President of IEEE. Furthermore, Crosetto’s proposal submitted to DOE on December 22, 2015, to build a 3D-Flow OPRA Level-1 Trigger System with staggering performance improvement replacing Smith’s hundreds of crates and 4,000 electronic data processing boards with one crate and 9 x 3D-Flow OPRA data processing boards, proven feasible by 59 quotes from reputable industries at 1/1000 the cost, underwent a rigged review by DOE Division Director of Research and Technology, Dr. Glen Crawford, who wrote an 8-line email essentially incriminating himself and revealing corruption.

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