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Investigative journalists: Millions of people dying needlessly and suffering from the most deadly (8.2 Million/year) and costly ($1.4 Trillion/year) calamity, cancer and taxpayers having hundreds of millions of dollars wasted by a few influential scientists at the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet at CERN need your attention and your help.

There is solid proof of the claim that over 50% of cancer deaths could be avoided with early detection because the cure when detected early exists and it works, while it does not work when detected late. Colon cancer if caught early has a 91% survival rate, versus 11% if caught too late, breast cancer has a 98% survival rate when detected at an early stage and 27% when detected late. What is missing is a non-invasive diagnostic device, effective for early cancer detection.

I do what I can to help investigative journalists working in the public interest for this cause, but I cannot do it alone because I do not have your experience and your connection to the public.

We cannot let the public down in these two important issues that should have higher priority with respect to others because of the number of people who are affected and who could benefit. (Ask to sign the Petition at:

There is no need for the investigative journalist to be expert in physics, biology or medical imaging (although having some knowledge and understanding of science will help); what is needed is the courage to seek and reveal the truth.

      You need to ask the right questions to uncover the truth. I can help to carve questions whose answer from decision makers will uncover the truth. Questions that are referring to violations of laws, rules, procedures that are damaging taxpayers, cancer patients, that are in contradiction to science, with evidence provided by experimental results.

You can publish every week questions from the public and my answers, but your connection with the public will have the power to make the decision makers, those in charge, holding positions of responsibility in the field, to provide answers to the public. Examples are the articles published every week in English and in Italian but the audience for these newspapers is very limited and the questions to the people holding responsibilities in the field are ignored.

For example, I answered ( Joel Butler’s February 28, 2017, request about my peer-review 45-page article published by one of the most prestigious scientific journals, but he did not answer my question if he could provide the reference to any approach/project proving analytically to be more cost-effective than my 3D-Flow OPRA, nor why he does not follow the indication from CERN Director General to organize a discussion/review at CERN with experts in the field.

On May 15, 2017, I provided very compelling issues in my letters “” and “” to the leaders in the field. Next day I called Joel Butler, Nadia Pastrone at CERN, and Jim Siegrist at U.S. Department of Energy, but they do not intend to address the issues in the letters.

There is an urgent need for investigative journalists working in the public interest to inform the public at large and get their support to make decision makers address the waste of hundreds of millions of tax-dollars and millions of lives needlessly lost, to avoid repeating the same mistake which occurred in 1847 with Semmelweis “”.

Please respond urgently to Dario Crosetto, 900 Hideaway Place, DeSoto, TX 75115. Email:

What is missing is a non-invasive diagnostic device, effective for early cancer detection in all organs of the body that can capture the most relevant and reliable signals related to the mutation of the very first normal cells into cancerous cells. Among the change in odor, temperature, conductivity, fluorescence, density, metabolism etc. of normal cells into cancerous cells, the most reliable signal is the one related to a change in metabolism. Cancerous cells eat from 5 to 70 times more nutrient than normal cells because they grow faster than normal cells -the more aggressive the tumor is, the more nutrient it eats. The technique to track the nutrient delivered by the blood stream to the trillion cells in our body is called Positron Emission Technology (PET). It works by tagging the molecules of the nutrient to the body cells such as oxygen, glucose etc. with a radioisotope (radiation) that is emitting two 511 keV photons in opposite direction with an energy that can pass through flesh and bones and exit the body of the patient. The PET technique was invented in 1953 and today we have over 10,000 PET devices in use in hospitals. However, these PET devices are not useful for early detection because of their inefficiency of capturing only about 1 out of 10,000 pairs of good photons, requiring a high radiation dose to the patient. Because the basic technology is related to the efficiency in detecting specific subatomic particles among a huge number of signals received from the radiation, the breakthrough must come from the field of particle physics and should be in the Level-1 Trigger unit (or “The Trap”). My 3D-Flow invention that breaks the speed barrier in real-time application provides this breakthrough and has been recognized as valuable by academia, industries and research centers at a major public, scientific, international review (, endorsed by top experts in the field ( and, published in a 45-page article by a prestigious scientific journal (, and proven feasible and functional in hardware ( The 3D-Flow provides unprecedented advantages in capturing all possible good signals from radiation related to a rare particle in physics experiments and related to the tumor markers (511 keV photons) for medical imaging applications, at the lowest cost per valid signal captured compared to other approaches”.

My 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening) based on the 3D-Flow (see trifold”, and overview at “”) is hundreds of times more efficient than the current over 10,000 PET devices. The 3D-Flow invention is technology-independent and can migrate to the most cost-effective technology. Both inventions 3D-Flow OPRA (Object Pattern Recognition Algorithm) and 3D-CBS have been proven feasible with current technology by 59 quotes from reputable industries.

  • The 3D-Flow OPRA invention can replace 4,000 CMS electronic data processing boards ( in physics experiments with 9 electronic data processing” detailed at “” while providing an enormous performance improvement at one thousandth the cost.
  • The 3D-CBS can claim to be the first true paradigm change in molecular imaging because it offers at once the three advantages of a) an effective early detection of diseases at a highly curable stage, improved diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring treatments effectively, b) a radiation dose that is 1% of current PET and c) a 4-minute, very low examination cost that will cover all organs of the body. Therefore, individual screening on specific parts of the body, such as mammograms, PAP-tests, colonoscopies and PSA, will not be necessary. (See also the comparison at “” of the 3D-CBS the “Explorer Project”: “” or at “”, funded by NIH for $15.5 million although less efficient, without the ability to save many lives and is more than ten times as expensive as the 3D-CBS). The 3D-CBS invention can reduce cancer deaths by over 50% through an effective early detection while reducing healthcare costs.
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