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How many leaders and media need to be informed before they apply pressure on those who are crushing science, the rule of law and the golden rule?

Take the time to read the words spoken by S. Bertolucci, Director of Research at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, and by those who deny TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE, and think about all the people who are needlessly dying now and in future generations, and all your wasted money, because people in key positions of responsibility have insulted human intelligence and deliberately ignored the evidence of scientific advantages which were invented and formally recognized valuable by their colleagues 22 years ago. An invention which would greatly benefit humanity has been proven feasible and functional in hardware and its concept shown to be understandable by high school students and laymen.

At this link you could read the answers from S. Bertolucci and C. Joram, Managing Director and Chief Engineer of the Axial-PET project when Crosetto asked them to explain how their approach was reducing cancer deaths and cost. The Axial-PET project has very high spatial resolution and low efficiency.  CERN Director of Research, S. Bertolucci, first declared his incompetence in Medical Imaging, than he blamed Joram and then he blamed the doctors from Marseille who specified the characteristics of the Axial-PET. Joram instead answered that the Axial-PET is not a cancer project although Bertolucci’s committee assigned the first prize to the Axial-PET at the “Physics for Health” workshop at CERN in 2010 (thus, Bertolucci was assigning the prize to himself because he was the Managing Director of the Axial-PET).

The featured image of this blog is not related to any event at CERN where those words were said, however, read the words spoken (and listen the audio) by CERN Director of Research.

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STAND UP for TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE for the Benefit of Humanity as Cancer Patient Mulone Did.

On January 12, 2011, a meeting was held at CERN between CERN Director of Research, Sergio Bertolucci; Cardio Surgeon, Vincenzo Vigna; and researcher, Dario Crosetto. Here is an excerpt from that meeting.

July 12, 2014

The transcript of the audio[1] of this excerpt of the meeting has been translated from Italian into English.

Because of its importance to humanity, including the thousands of people who had been waiting patiently for years for this meeting; and the over 7,000 people who signed a petition to request a review of Crosetto’s 3D-CBS technology for early cancer detection, and for the efforts of cancer patient, Lillo Mulone, who wrote letters to CERN and finally obtained this meeting, for all these reasons, and because the meeting held at Bertolucci’s office at CERN was not private, but dealing with a public issue (the door to his office was open and his secretary next door could hear the conversation), the conversation was recorded so that Mulone, and all those people who had been waiting patiently, could have an accurate report.

The translation of the Italian “cazzo” into “fuck” has been widely accepted and used by the media, as in the case of Francesco Schettino, Captain of the Costa Concordia, whose credibility was questioned after it sank off the coast of Italy in 2012. If this translation was justified for Captain Schettino, who was responsible for 5,000 lives and a ship valued at half a billion dollars, it can certainly be justified to determine the credibility of Sergio Bertolucci, Director of Research at CERN, who has a much higher responsibility of directing how to spend $1 billion each year ($5.5 billion from when he was first appointed in 2009 and reconfirmed in 2014 until 2017 for …..? Bertolucci directs the LHC project46 that has already cost society over $50 billion40, 20 years of work by 10,000 professionals, and is now seeking an additional $30 billion41) and for billions of people whose future and lives depend on his ethics[2] as a scientist to advance science for the benefit of humanity.

Crosetto has nothing personal[3] against Bertolucci or anyone else37; his objective is the advancement of science, and defending the interest of taxpayers and cancer patients by reducing cancer deaths and cost through effective early cancer detection tools. He offered CERN free licensing of his patents to use his inventions for research purposes and he committed to donate 80% of the income from licensing his patents to low income cancer patients.  Bertolucci’s and other influential scientists’ refusal to implement open transparent procedures obliged Crosetto to start a movement to STAND UP for TRANSPARENCY in science and tell the truth that could help overcome dishonesty and corruption while being fair to scientists and taxpayers, and at the same time advance science and benefit future cancer patients.

Dr. Vigna wrote a letter[4] to Bertolucci after the meeting asking for some clarifications as he was pursuing the same goal of identifying the best project as Bertolucci’s committee had the year before when it assigned a prize at the workshop “Physics for Health”, but Vigna’s request was refused.  Instead, Bertolucci answered with arrogance[5], using the excuse that CERN does not hold those kinds of competitions, denying the evidence[6] of CERN’s activities in 2010.  Since then, many failed attempts[7] have been made by other people to address the issue, including the Crosetto Foundation which was able to contact Bertolucci’s secretary.  More than a year later, Mulone was left with no choice but to make the meeting public by sending it to influential people in communication and other influential people who are interested in advancing civilization. These influential people can reach a larger number of persons by broadcasting the entire content of the meeting.

On the next page read the words by Bertolucci, leader of the largest, most expensive experiment in history

See Pdf version at:

[1] Original audio of the excerpt of the meeting:

[2] Code of ethics for scientist

[3] Despite Bertolucci’s authoritarian attitude and refusal to collaborate on scientific grounds, Crosetto continued respectfully to offer scientific collaboration as shown in the following communication

[4] Dr. Vigna’s letter written to CERN Scientific Director Sergio Bertolucci in regard to the meeting on 1/12/2011.

[5] Bertolucci responded with arrogance to Dr. Vigna’s letter with the excuse that CERN is not holding those kinds of competitions, denying the evidence of CERN’s 2010 competition “Physics for Health”.

[6] Response to Bertolucci clarifying that the request for scientific information was legitimate and pertinent to the field of particle detection which is the expertise and leading role of CERN in the world.

[7] Several requests were made to CERN management for transparency and to address scientific issues, but each attempt was refused.

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